I posted this on rum ration under RNR but am keen to hear any thoughts from the RMR community as well, especially any ideas as to how I go about commissioning. I'm also keen to know how I get involved with the AACC as a TA bod.

"Ok, pull up a chair; this could be a long one though I'll try to be as brief as possible.
Currently, I'm a TA soldier, have been for 18 months. Fully trained, with a unit at present and have passed AOSB briefing as well as Mod 2 of officer training. Did my Main Board recently and didn't get through. Have just found out this was not because of anything fundamental from me, (my planex was poor and I had a few tumbles on the assault course - something explained by the fact that I later found I'd broken my wrist) and that I can come back in 6 months.

Problem is, I can't do anything useful for the next 6 months as there's nothing serious for me to work on and I can't go on any courses as I'm in career limbo. No amount of pressure will change the 6 month wait and I'm literally kicking my heels, bored rigid. This happens a lot with the Army and has got me thinking.

I seriously looked at joining the RNR/RMR before I opted for the TA out of a sense that I'd be able to deploy sooner/do more that would challenge me. I'm now in serious danger of losing my mojo and am considering looking again at the RNR/RMR. Questions is 1) does anyone have any advice etc 2) how would I get into the commissioning stream? I've already done a lot of the Army's commissioning course and 50% of the selection, it's just main board; would the RNR/RMR take that into account and let me go to AIB straight off?

Any thought/guidance appreciated"


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for you - unfortuntley there is no direct officer entry into the RMR - you would need to join as a recruit - complete commando training - get some experience ( including an op tour ) then apply.
only direct entry into RMR at present is ex regular RM officer or already comissioned officer from another service into training

sorry - not sure how you would stand with the RNR ??

Good luck


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Charlie you're going to be in for a longer wait for a Commision than 6 months if you leave the TA, my advice prepare yourself mentally and physically at your present Unit fr your next Board.
Ask questions of your Seniors re planning, perhaps even get them to set you examples as a bit of homework, a bottle of something or a few quiets down the local may help.
Beast yourself, go for stamina rather than muscle building.
If your parent TA Unit has a need for AACC trained ranks, get prepared physically and professionally and apply as an OR, passing will look good on your Service CV.


For AACC in the TA your best bet is 131 Independent Commando Squadron.

If you want to deploy why are you bothering with a commission? It is a much longer wait, and then for fewer available places.