Tapatalk not working?

Don't know if it's just me but I can't access RR via Tapatalk. I can access the other forums I'm on without any issues. Anybody else having problems with RR and Tapatalk?
Bad CO was doing some stuff to ARRSE last night, it's on their site issues page. I can't get on RR via tapatalk at the mo, but other people are reporting success.
Can get on ARRSE but not RR. Haven't been able to for a couple of days now.

Bit of a ballache seeing as the computer shop is still holding my laptop hostage having fixed it then buggered off on holiday for two weeks before I could get into town to pick it up. Gits.


I can access the "new threads" bit but when I try to get into a forum manually (ie through the Forum tab) I get an error saying I have not been granted access. This occurs in all forums. Any sage words?
Same here doc. I can see new posts but can't access any other option like forums or pms etc it's broken

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Bump. This is still an issue and, given the new site isn't very iPhone-friendly, Tapatalk is my only means of access at the mo :(


Now it's only sending the first couple of lines of a message - either in open forum or PMs. One guy has had 3 PMs from me today, all abbreviated by the system. Grrr.
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