Tamworth the fat capital of UK

Discussion in 'The Gash Barge' started by Flagdeck, Feb 18, 2013.

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  1. are you going to run in the 1430 at Doncaster, following your feast?
  2. We don't run in Tamworth were too fat apparently.
    We all eat cheap unhealthy food as there is no employment in the region. Its all been stripped and carted south or abroad.
    "Crop picking" a traditional family and ethnic thing has been given to the invaders and left us all destitute.
    Were use to it here though it was a popular tourist attraction for Vikings.
  3. Nuke tamworth now!
  4. Nah!... the winners on the menu !.... its the latest food fad, doncha know
  5. Also the birth place of the Reliant Robin, getting a regular lift from Rosyth to Faslane in one with what passed for the engine nestling against my shoulder screaming its tits off, and the thought of hitting anything protected only by a thin layer of fibreglass, still makes me break out in a cold sweat whenever I watch only fools and horses
  6. With a blanked off reverse gear drivable on a motor bike licence, instant cheap bag of facility, and do thousands to the mile on a reliable ford engine.
    Also the makers of this nice (in its day) sports car. images.jpg
  7. OMM

    OMM War Hero

    Thought Boston was the fat capital!!
  8. I suppose it did have its attractions, but then if I drove a Fiat 127 I'd think a Trabant was classy
  9. If I drove one I might feel the same. Never having owned one I could not comment.
  10. I dont think many made it out of East Germany, but you could try e-bay if you're interested
  11. I'll pass thank you but I respect your enthusiasm, I suppose you have the basics in which to transport your ferrets and the odd whippet.
  12. Shit if this thread is true I need to shed a few pounds or move to Tamworth, don't do pies misses is making pasties for tea followed by health Strawberries, topped with a dollop of clotted cream yum yum
  13. Rummers I see you have found a cold war vet tag to add to your signature, did you find it at the bottom of the fridge after fighting to get to your tinnies to wash down your pies?
  14. I got it free with a half dozen pies.
  15. Cold pies one as to assume? Should it not say cold pie veteran:love4:

  16. Fridge? that'll be the white thing in the front garden next to the burnt out car
  17. Sadly the ferrets had to be sold, as due to unexpected weight gain they no longer fit down mi kecks, the whippet was taken into care as it turned out to be an anorexic great dane, and as I now have a bus pass I no longer require transport
  18. Fortunatly we here in Tamworth are sufficiently south as not to emulate your filthy northern habits.We are sufficiently affluent to still be able to run our motor vehicles and tend to keep the fridge above/below the freezer, but either way in the confines of the utility room ( scullery to you ).
    We do not keep flocks of wild birds in our garden in wire sheds, have feral weasel type animals or half starved dogs hanging about in flea bitten packs.
    I am however an admirer of quaint if somewhat disgusting tradition (at a distance) and as soon as I buy some more overalls and a tub of disinfectant, how about inviting me up.

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