Tall Ships

Discussion in 'History' started by w.anchor, Jan 11, 2010.

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  1. For those of you that may be interested the Tall ships will be visiting Harlepool in August of this year for three days.A well worth day out in the beer tent and some good old four masters to see. :idea:
  2. I cant wait and being a monkeyhanger makes it even better hopefully they will tidy some of the other night spots up but the marina is a good enough place to start.
    I am pretty sure it will be a good event and the sea cadets local schools etc are really jumping on it with shows etc.
    I must add i dont live there anymore but visit often and i am impressed by the marina area some really good bars and resturaunts.
    If any Rum Rationers are visiting give me a shout and we will have a drink.
  3. Thanks for the Heads up. Have seen them at Liverpool a few times. Their awesome :wink:
  4. I'll be there i'm helping sail one of the ships in for the start! So i'll probably get off looking like the wrong end of a monkey!

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