Tall Ships

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by scouse, Jul 17, 2008.

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  1. Sussed the waterfront out RFA Lyme Bay L3007 is at the Liner Pier. Open to the public tomorrow :thumright: with all the rest of the tall ships. Check the Dar Mlodziezy out :thumright: shes special
  2. Scouse - No sign of the German ship - USGCS Eagle???

  3. Thier are two class c/d German yatchs in the Albert docks .Along side next to The royal netherlands navy Yacht (Urania) and the elegant Gordonstoun ( Ocean Spirit of Moray?) If memory serves . All docks are full to bursting. Sail 1400 Monday Map of all ships berths below
    BBC - Liverpool - Homepage
  4. Why are there signs deirecting tall ships down the M6? Its just stupid they would never get under the bridges.
  5. Perhaps that's why they're called 'clippers'. =)

    Article on the RN website here.
  6. your 2 biggest ships in Wellington docks are class A. Sratsaad Lehmkuhl and Alexander Von Humbolt :thumright:
  7. Let's hope they all make it out of there with all their wheels!!
  8. Ha!! Ha!! :thumright: And your safely in Spain. Away from all those baby sailors. :pottytrain2: :sex:
  9. Baby sailors :pukel: I never liked bits of skin (not being a marine) even when I was a bit of skin myself!! :angel12:
    Nope I'm in the other place I live - hence my user name, just 50 metres from the Channel.
    Escaping the heat old fruit and gearing up for the local air show (we'll have a stand there this year).
    Back into the inferno next week...and openly jealous of you robbin' scousers and all those beautiful ships :blob4:
  10. Tall ship passing Gormleys statue Another Place
  11. Those phots take me back.

    And as you wollop round Cape Horn
    Heave away! Haul away!
    You'll wish that you had never been born
    And we're bound for South Australia
  12. When you go Fink make sure you taake that Scottish [email protected] Gordon Broon with you. :w00t:
  13. Now then that’s hardly the category of rejoinder I am looking for when we allow you to have use of our fiscal genius and great leader to pilot you through troubled waters. :evil:
  14. Your great leader couldn't pilot his way across Lossie harbour :pukel:
  15. Well that's the thanks you get!
  16. Shame that the management had not had the common dog fek to insure the vessel, then they would not be in the position that they now find themselves in of scrounging grants from every Tom Dick or Harry.
  17. Tall ships leave today :thanks: " BBC Liverpool Homepage" has all the pics and vids :thumright:
  18. Tall ships left today. Awsome sight. :thumright: Brilliant flying display as well by the Russian Yaks 4 man display "Yakovlevs". Oh! the FAA put in an appearance XZ 722 Lynx call sign 671 "Black Cat" and an SAR R/N .Sea King going out of the Estuary :thumright: :salut:

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