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Discussion in 'The Quarterdeck' started by matlo_caroline, Sep 10, 2006.

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  1. I was wondering if anyone knows what the weather is like around the Portsmouth Area in October and what the conditions are usually like.

    I sail from Portsmouth on the 1st October to St Malo and visit some places unsure were at the moment then from St Malo on the 8th to Brixham and i will add that most of the people on the voyage have never sailed before oh joy. So get eady for sea sickness not like Italy which was flat calm.

    I am going as cooks assistant so im wondering will my salt and pepepr and sauces slide all over the mess or what?

    I really cant wait will be a fantastic experience and also hard work up at 5am every day and maybe and hoping not to have sea sickness.

  2. Ever been to the 'sea of Biscay' around summer?
  3. British weather is notoriously unpredictable, off the coast it also depends on which way the wind is coming from - if coming overland it doesn't create as big waves as if the wind comes from the sea. No real way of knowing until a few days before, I'm afraid. But the Channel isn't normally too bad - rougher than the Med, but not as bad as Biscay.
  4. I did the Bay of Biscay in October last year and it so was rough i was the only one who wasnt sick had an absolute ball.
  5. Well matey. I have sailed those waters many times and unpredictable is the order of the day. Contrary to what some of these others have been saying, St Malo (lovely little 17th century pirate port) to Brixham dosen't take you anwhere near the bay of Biscay fortunately, because in October it can be quite hairy !

    Your only concern should be the tides in the English channel as they are notorious but providing you allow correctly for them you will be fine. Have fun...wish I could come with you
  6. could be a tad bouncy.........but thats what you get for depending on wind power! Have fun should be a larf......possibly barf
  7. Im never sick how lucky altho i cud be sharing a cabin with someone who is sick that woukd be a nightmare and they are not bunks they are BEds so im most likely going to role out of them oh dear oh dear.
  8. get a fore and aft bunk...and a length of rope to tie yourself in and you'll be fine
  9. mmmmm lashings, knots and splicing....it's gone all nautical for me.....are you used to tying yourself to your bed? If not ask I'm fairly sure you'll find a volunteer :wink: 8O
  10. I usually if its rolling around were my harness in bed as it stops u falling out as you can use you long tether line and clip it on to handle next to bed and you dont fall out.
    Also comes in handy fi they call bracing stations you dont have to faff about.
  11. Yup...I'm yer man...and I know lotsa knots too :oops:
  12. Did Guzz to Carantec in Brittany in Oct 84 on a Nicholson (?) 36 with 3 sea cadets and a good old 3 badgeman as the whipper in. Excellent trip. A bit bumpy to start with but managed to Goosewing the last 30 Nm with a brisk NNWster.

    Oh yesterday, leave me alone.

  13. Cooking down below in a small boat is one of the things most likely to bring on seasickness.

    Take the seasickness pills before you set off and keep taking 'em.

    (This is a subject I do know something about for a change!)
  14. Couldn't agree more...all my time at sea in the Arctic ocean and the South Atlantic and i was never sea sick once....put me in a small boat and make me cook....dear god, don't touch the Irish Stew !!!

    Take the sea sickness tablets...sod being brave!
  15. Ill try for a couple of days tall ships arew quitebig
  16. The big thing with mal de mer is don't try to be a hero, if in doubt take the pills, you can stop taking them but if you wait till you are sick, you have a long way to go down hill before the pills start you on the up.

  17. I was in a Force 7 last time and yes i agree if you take them after your sick its a downhill experience im going to will myslef not to be sick wont be a very good cooks ass if im sick will it? lol

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