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Tall chef

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I'm looking to join the Royal Navy as a chef, I am 6ft 10inchs and I'm wondering would my height stop me being able to join as a chef?


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There are no upper height restrictions, but as rightly stated -bunk beds maybe a bit of a squeeze.

Ironically, some of the tallest matelots I've seen (6foot 6inches & taller) always seem to serve in the submarine service - one job I'd have thought more cramped for space than most.

Someone's bound to mention a career destined to be right-hand marker in a marching squad, so I guess it may as well be me. It could be worse, you could have ginger hair.


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As a chef your height would definitely be advantageous, who in their right mind is going to complain about the scran?:p


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Its not just in the kitchen that you're going to be stooped. The Frd (Emergency) Store on a 23 is about 3 foot high. And that's being generous!


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I served with a WAFU who was about 6'8".

He had special freak uniform with extra bits sewn onto the legs of his trousers and ovies.

He used to sleep on a bottom bunk with his feet resting on a chair and in all seriousness he suffered from terrible back problems due to sleeping in a cramped bunk space for 12 years.

Last time I spoke to him, he was in the process of being medically discharged due to his back snags.


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On the Invincible in 84 a WEM joined who was 7'2" the chippies made an extended bunk for him and bolted it onto lockers in a corner of his mess. Even on a carrier he had to stoop a lot, not sure how long he served


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As an aside. When in Charleston South Carolina, I got a bit hammered and invited a load of
new mates down the boat for a look around after a particularly heavy sesh in a Niteclub
called *SOMEPLACE ELSE* out in the sticks. What showed up the next day, was half a
dozen dark gentlemen who compromised a large part of a local basketball team, and all
of 'em were about 14' 19" in height or thereabouts. Much joviality followed as we tried to
shove them down the Main Access Hatch and into the Control Room. Suffice to say - they
enjoyed the tour, even if most of it was done on their hands and knees (with a stop over in
the JR's Mess to try a few tins of apple juice....."go on it's won't hurt you!").
Getting them back into their bus was a bit of a catastrophe though.
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