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Discussion in 'The Fleet' started by snapdragon, Aug 15, 2006.

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  1. I went to the AFCO and got a new date of my aptitude test. I still have no idea what trade to go into. I know there's not much good planning to do somthing mechanical if i only get enough marks for a steward. Not that i'm disrespecting stewards at all, but i really want to dig in and learn a great trade.
    I've asked this before, but i'll ask it a little differently. What trades translate well back on civvy street? Which trades give a mix of academic and on-the-job (!) training? Because i'd like to get some civvy recognised qualifications, but also want something that's pretty different to anything available to me (or not...) on civvy street. If that makes any sense.
    Also, does anyone have a sort of 'scale' of the marks needed for trades? I mean, bottom to top scale of trades?

    I guess i'm talking to myself really, the decision of finding a trade is getting harder because i really want to do this and i want to make the most of a career in th Navy (if i do ok at the test). Booklets and websites only tell you so much!
  2. What about the Photography Branch. Not sure if thats a trde that you cut over onto, but from the photo's i've seen these folks can't do bad at all outside. Do your 22 as a phot and then go ad work for hugh Heffner!
  3. However, you cannot join directly as a Photographer.
    It is a sideways entry branch so you will have to join another branch and do a few years before applying.
  4. I know im old,but since when could you not join as a photographer? being ex Fleet Air Arm, im interested.
  5. As an employer I would suggest that civy street is starting now to see a shortage of skills in the service industry especially in oil and gas. If you have any sort of mechanical aptitude then the opportunities are limitless.
    So choose your branch wisely and don’t settle for anything you don’t want to do.
    Looking at it from my point of view I have a problem in that there is no course or training programs to become a registered gas fitter from scratch, so I have to choose someone with a good learning ability who also has a natural mechanical ability and (most importantly) will stay with me after I have spent 3K + to get him registered.
    So what I’m saying Snappy is go for a Stoker or a Greenie if you enjoy working with tools and work your way up, but not to far up as any future employer is always looking for someone who is not so ambitious that he will learn the trade then set up in competition.

    The other side is you will learn to cope with human nature good and bad and you will also learn alot about yourself.

    Good luck with the test and keep us informed
  6. For PHOT, last I knew in 2005 is that yopu had to do 3yrs in your trade, have a Nam. score of 3:3 and actually be let go from your trade you are in. However, select is vast and you have to prepare a portfolio.

    But I heard that they are disbanding it?
  7. the_matelot

    the_matelot War Hero Moderator


    They are not disbanding the branch and I don't know where you're getting your information from....

    They are currently trying to draw the Phot branch more into the intel side of things such as imagery analysis like the crabs do with their version of the phot branch.

    It is a good branch to go into and the only things which prevented me from doing so were the facts that

    a) They're on the lower pay band.
    b) Promotion is horrendously slow.

    Aside from that, it's a branch that I think has a very bright future ahead of themselves-so I really cannot see how they could disband it.

    There's nothing stopping someone from doing the Ships Intelligence Camera Operator's course which is a week at the Fleet Photographic Unit in Portsmouth-a course I enjoyed immensely. That'll give you a taster as to what the branch is about and is also a handy/rare adqual to have onboard. When I did it, we had ranks ranging from ab scrote up to RM Colour Sgt's on it.

    In fact, I've just remembered that they've now gone over to digital cameras so those who did the course with 'wet' film (me, and I only did the course 2 1/2 yrs ago) will have to do the course again.


    Have you considered Medical Technician or Communications Technician? Both branchs have excellent career prospects and you will get some qualifications that you can use in civvy street.
  8. Become one of Gods own creatures...............

    Weapon Engineer

    xxx to all Stokers
  9. I do really like the idea of learning something to do with engineering- but maths isn't my forte! But it seems like you learn all the necessary skills during training. Otherwise i suppose they'd ask that you have GCSE maths or equivalent. I can't imagine it's easy to work 'too far up'- so in civvy qualification terms i guess engineering would be a great way to go. I've always wanted to do something like that, but it's such a big decision i keep asking for reassurance! And i haven't even done that aptitude test yet :roll: I might be back on here in three weeks asking what a steward's prospects are like on civvy street.
    I will keep you informed- i imagine i'm getting terribly boring now :wink:
  10. I did initially think of comms- but i don't have GCSE maths, so i could do CIS but not comms tech. Frustrating! I did like the sound of it though. I have been trying for years to get on a GCSE course, and i feel like i keep being overlooked by the college. I need to remind them of my existance i think. I've applied billions of times and never get replies, or i get a reply and say they'll contact me for enrolment details and don't... anyway, i'm trying to do it this year, so hopefully some doors will open. Another story...
    Again, i thought of MT, but i've only ever worked in hospitals. And while the people at the AFCO can't understand why i wouldn't use my -limited- hospital experience, i just feel like a hospital is the epitome of that Glass Ceiling. I'm just stuck there, i want out and i want to get my hands dirty :D
    Thanks for your help though- this is just what i hoped people would tell me. Plus, writing replies helps me understand what i want. Fruitcake, i know!
  11. It's currently my first choice! But my choices alter everyday- i'm like a kid in a sweet shop.

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