Talking Politics - Radio 4 - Sat - Forces Reps & AARSE

I have just heard that BBC Radio 4's programme 'Talking Politics' is doing a feature on representatives of service personnel and will also have a brief feature on our sister site AARSE.

Talking Politics is broadcast on Radio 4: 1100 - 1130.

If you miss the programme you can listen to the most recent version via the TALKING POLITICS WEBSITE.
Re: Talking Politics - Radio 4 - Sat - Forces Reps & AAR

There was also some talk about ARRSE & BAFF on the Today prog this morning on RADIO 4 (0755 on the Listen Again feature), including an MOD spokesman.


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Re: Talking Politics - Radio 4 - Sat - Forces Reps & AAR

higthepig said:
Probably swollen the membership of Arrse which cant be a bad thing.
Ha ha ha ha ha. Sorry man, I see you said the 'membership' of Arrse.
Honest Higgy, my humour has let me down ALL of my life. Ha ha ha haha.
Re: Talking Politics - Radio 4 - Sat - Forces Reps & AAR

Have just managed to listen to the programme online. Very good and very interesting. For those who listened to the programme, I am NOT Tim Garden, despite some of my postings here!

The stuff on AARSE was very interesting and it was useful to learn about a campaign they did to afford servicemen proper voting rights at the last General Election. I wasn't too impressed to hear about the MODs lack of commitment towards the interests of personnel in this aspect, but after all this IS the same MOD that still claims that it didn't persuade many of us to volunteer for common cold research at Porton Down with the connivance of the very chain of command that Andrew Robathan said had historically put the welfare of their men first, as apparently had politicians. Really? Thinking just of Porton Down, politically inspired executions after Suez of soldiers - hung for expediency - or the denial of pensions for ex-servicemen pre 1974, these clearly demonstrate the falsehood in any assertions that the serviceman's welfare has been best served by solely relying on either the political establishment or the chain of command! I look forward to one of the AF orgs, be it BAAF or another organisation, getting fully off-the-ground and running. They are certainly needed!

Congrats to Douglas Young who made an excellent and well argued case for BAAF and countered Robathan's counterarguments very well!


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Re: Talking Politics - Radio 4 - Sat - Forces Reps & AAR

I thought that was a very good programme. I liked the way Andrew Rowbotham managed to change positions on BAFF mid-way through. There was another programme on Five Live this evening, but I didn't catch all of it and the link is not yet up.

At the moment there still seems to be little involvement from the Senior Service. Granted, we have not had the same strong factors that have driven Perce to get the ball rolling, but given that it seems now definite that it will go ahead, are we going to sit back and let it be an Army/RAF affair?
Re: Talking Politics - Radio 4 - Sat - Forces Reps & AAR

Hopefully not. I had assumed that some RN people were already involved. I am getting information off Douglas at work. I will make enquiries.

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