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Discussion in 'The Internet - Best and Worst' started by SJRM_RN, Oct 11, 2010.

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  1. I have decided that I have now had enough of being fleeced by BT.

    Talk Talk seem to offer fairly good deals and don't get bad reviews, in the main.

    Has anyone been a Talk Talk landline phone & broadband customer?

    If so, any good or total dog shite?
  2. I am a broadband customer who took tiscali over dont like em but cant do with the hassle of changing
  3. I know that a while back they had a very bad reputation for customer service, but to be honest I don't know if they have improved recently.
  4. I was with Talk Talk a while back, and yes they do a good deal. Just hope you dont have any said previous... cutomer service crap, or it was then.
  5. Seaweed

    Seaweed War Hero Book Reviewer

    I think the original problem with TT was that they were swamped by demand because their offer was too good to miss. My experience since then has been mostly OK. I take broadband which includes a landline charge and inclues free phone calls to inland landlines which suits us. Total about £21 a month (0800 are free but 0845 and mobiles etc are charged) which is less than my BT phone bill was without Bband. Youngsters who still have to go out to work will probably want a different package, maybe only free night and weekend calls for instance. I have a hub which allows us to run a PC and Mrs S' laptop & my gson's handheld gismo when he visits. I binned TT's F-serve based security package and switched to MSE though as MSE was free (and possibly better). I have no experience of other Bband providers.
  6. A bit of reassurance Jimbo, I've been with Talk Talk for a few years. Broadband is great and the call package is hoofing; I make alot of international calls and it saves me a fortune. Customer service were pants but are fine now (not that I need to speak to them very often).
  7. lesbryan. Like you, I can't be bothered with the bother. I started off with Tinyonline (set up by Tiny computers) that was taken over by Tiscali and then (after some sort of weird "partnership") TalkTalk.

    TalkTalk unilaterally terminated 9 months of my Tiscali contract and charged me another £3 a month for privilege. I believe we have come to an amicable solution to that (not confirmed in writing/e-mail) but I won't know until the next bill.
  8. I am another ex Tiscali customer. Over about five years with T., I have had little reason to complain, broadband came in at about 6.7 mbps, and free calls to 01,02,03, numbers and ten countries abroad including USA, Aus, NZ, SA, and most of Europe, 24/7. No line rental and all for £22 per month, including line privacy (no unsolicited calls).
    Since Talk-talk took over I've re-negotiated a package as above plus 0845 numbers, for a quid or so extra, and my line speed has increased to a steady 8 mbps. I am having a bit of trouble with random disconnection, but TT assure me that this is being dealt with. So, so far, I'm quite happy with their performance.

  9. I'm just about to transfer the lot to them as they seem OK - my broadband has been shite recently with BT but I don't really understand all this anyhow.

    Similar issue, a Sky :pukeright: salesburd turned up on my doorstep the other day. I'm never nasty to these folk as they're just trying to make a living in the aftermath of Thatchbitch's Britain, but her patter was awful.

    "Would you like Sky telly?"


    "How much do you pay for your 'puter/phone etc?"

    "Don't know off the top of my head"

    "So about £25"


    "So for only £30 I can provide you with Sky telly as well"

    "But I don't want Sky telly"

    "But it's only £5 extra"

    "But I don't want it"

    "Yes, but think how much you would save..."

    I almost started to cry...
  10. Your speed will drop back once you have been online a couple of weeks, you are experiencing a surge which all new users get while the connection establishes itself.

    My experience is that you can't beat BT, yes you have to shout at them, but once you get past the numpties in Delhi, you get a better service and a better reaction, most of BT's problems are caused by cheap and nasty hubs, if you pester enough you will eventually get a decent one, another argument is that the wires are all maintained by BTopenworld, so if you have a connection problem, going to another serviceprovider is just putting another link in the chain, unless you go to Virgin, plus BT is now offering Infinity ( optic fibre) at no extra cost, so BT speeds will creep up as more and more take up the Infinity option.

    I've juct signed up to another 12 months total broadband package for 19.99 a month
  11. Eh?

    Try being old mate - that was just a load of letters thrown together.

    Thanks though :? .

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