Talk Like a Pirate Day

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by McHammock, Sep 19, 2006.

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  1. McHammock

    McHammock New member

    Today be international talk like a pirate day
    Me Hearties.

    Many thanks to my daughter, the scurvy dog, for pointing this out.

  2. jesse650

    jesse650 New member

    arrrrrrrr avast behind says oi

    SILVER_FOX New member

    Seriously - why would you want to?
  4. jesse650

    jesse650 New member

    would make answering the phone at work a mite more interesting
  5. Must be really hard for all 'ee Janners!
  6. wompingwillow

    wompingwillow New member

    I saw this on news round, with the scary black guy who never blinks reporting from southhampton, they never did mention why?

    we all wore a patch on wear a pirate patch day for the tall ships association at sea cadets ( well apart from me cus I felt like a ££££)

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