Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by aljh, Feb 16, 2010.

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  1. I think this is a bit of a double edged sword thing here, on one hand why the fcuk are we decorating the talibans houses costing us more money, but on the other, it would mean we would be showing the people we want to help them so they will feel more inclined to help our forces.

    I personaly think that it could be a stupid move and that they should put the cash they are going to put into this, into getting better equipment for our forces, and by us helping them we could be infact aiding the taliban in making better weapons.

    From this article they make it sound like its going to be like redecorating their entire house, like on those tv shows, but i dont think it will, it will be more like providing them with water pipes, electric and basic needs for a "western" home.
  2. Next week on "Location, Location, Location" - Mullah Omar renovates his new cave in Peshawar.

    Find out how he copes with installing his new swimming pool and the mock tudor beams.
  3. I advocate decorating their houses, but quietly installing massive explosive charges in the fabric of the building. If they play up, just push the button and get rid of generations of the little buggers.
  4. How fuckin stupid, how you getting beams in a cave?
  5. I used to eat beans in a cave they last for ages in cans, stink the cave out though. Mrs S says I got a bat in my cave at least once a week. She doesn't say much these days just gives me the thousand yard stare, especially since the claw hammer went into her cranium.
  6. Through the front entrance!

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