Tales of the Golden Monkey

Discussion in 'Films, Music, TV & All Things Artsy' started by Good_CO, Oct 15, 2007.

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  1. Over the years there have been a lot of conversations in my life like this

    Cool person 1: "Remember the young ones - when the toilet said "Domestos - Whats Domestos?"?
    Cool person 2: "ah yeah... that was unbleeeeeevably funny" (10 minutes of drunken laughing)
    Cool person 3: "And what about Miami Vice..."
    Cool person 1/2/3 "Living on a yacht with an alligator called Elvis.... " wahhhhaa.... (another 10 minues)
    ...(many tales later)
    Good CO: "I say chaps does anyone remember Tales of the Golden Monkey - it was really spiffing!"

    Deep deep silence........

    Is there ANYONE out there who actually remembers this? I really did think for a while that I must have imagined it as a kid until my sanity was supported by the discovery of this website:

  2. This will be a very short thread as the only possible answers are 'yes' or 'no'.

    Must always ask open questions.... must always ask open questions....
  3. yes i loved that ............ altho could never rember its name till now....

    also loved ........Manamal..........thats was kind of cool tooo.....

    what about beuty and the beast with linda hamilton???
  4. Cracking tv series, disney copied the format for a cartoon series
  5. I used to love this, but the only thing I remember was that I totally had the hots for Jake and that he had a pet monkey. The rest is a bit fuzzy.
  6. I had the hots for the monkey. Each to their own.

    It's nice to know I wasn't alone watching this series. As I said I really did start to wonder if I had imagined the whole thing until I found that website. Have you watched the clips? It's truly aweful.
  7. Is there any better justification for the invention of the internet than the way it allows you an instant nostalga fix of barely remembered 80s TV drama's especially those premised as a homage to the Indy Jones Films.
    Anyone remember "Hero". The title track was the the Bonny Tyler track of the same name?
  8. Sadly, I do remember it, the way the token bird used to say "Jake Cuddah". It was the first thing I thought of when I saw that float plane in Arnies "Commando".

    But, do you remember.....Hardcastle and McCormick. Brian Keith must have been drunk when he signed the contract.....
  9. Couldn't be worse than 'Fantasy Island' with the short person ??

  10. Was that show not called "Cover Up"? I remember that one too, funnily enough because I totally had the hots for the guy in it!! :blowkiss:

    I must have been no more than about 8 or 9 when these shows were on....
  11. Tales of the Golden Monkey - didn't that star Roddy McDowell (of Plant of the Apes Fame)? If so, I remember it and used to love it - kind of Indiana Jones meets Quantum Leap.
  12. I remember it.Didn't the main character have a flying boat,and he stole a gold monkey statue.I don't remember the series lasting very long.
  13. Stephen Collins :)
  14. I remember this show. The bloke had a flying boat, his oppos were a fat bloke and a good looking girlie, along with the monkey. They had improbable adventures round the Pacific Islands and South East Asia in the 1930s. I seem to remember Nazis in there as well.

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