Taking your kids to the Good ole US of A ?

Go to strange foreign Countries and risk strange foreign practices.

The US Government were requested and required to allow those British Passport holders to pass freely, without let or hindrance, and to afford them such assistance and protection as may be necessary. Did they? Pound to a pile of poo that was the US idea of "protection".

Hands up all those that want us tied to these arrogant buggers yet more closely. Sorry to all our septic Members; one can't be held responsible for ones Government; and we should know. Democracy is a wonderful thing.
We have crazy ferking zealots like that over here too, but hey taught us all we know about sending innocent mothers to prison (some of whom committed suicide after being cleared years later), Cleveland's obsession with **** dilation, ritual child abuse and killings in the Orkneys (even though all the children on the islands were accounted for) and the tragedy of so-called 'recovered memory syndrome'. We learn this stuff from the Yanks who are trained to believe all children are abused in some way and that all adults are abusers, especially those who say they are not, save those who have been through the required abuse awareness training, of course.

For those interested in the abuses committed by Freud, psychiatry and the 'recovered memory' movement see the attack by Frederick Crews (1997) The Memory Wars, a collection of essays, complete with letters and robust replies first printed in the New York Review of Books.
Oh help! The situation is far worse than I imagined!
As to the topic then why on earth trapse you children across the atlantic when there is an entire continent on our doorsteps.
Its a wonder the Brit Embassy didn't get involved with the care of the two
kids .

I suppose the 'social department ' were involved cos the health care situation in the US . Everyone has to have an insurance policy before
getting any treatment----I don't think the US and UK have mutual health
care agreements .

Must've been a bit mind boggling for the kids anyway -- welcome to the
good ol US of A.

:nemo: :nemo:
Hello I am from the social services dept I have come along today to give you advice on how to rear your children the correct way.

So I sez to the little girl.

That's fine do tell me how many children do you have!!

Me I have none I am not even married [laughter don't even have a boyfriend]
but I did pass top of my class at college on how to rear your children the correct way then I proceeded to University for my masters degree on the same subject.

That's fine! Do you see the door behind you well make sure it's shut when you leave now. Feck off!!!
Interesting that the Authority concerned says "no comment", I think that's another way of saying were in the sh1t and don't want to drop ourselves in it any deeper. God bless Americarghhhhh.

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