Taking to the streets of Guzz!

Discussion in 'The Quarterdeck' started by Jenny_Dabber, May 28, 2006.

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  1. Right I came across this on another site! TO THE FRONT IN YOUR OWN TIME...........................

    Union Street Blues!

  2. Never really saw the attraction of Guzz. I always found it over-rated, even when the Grand was open for the pint of apples in two half pint glasses
    And as for trying to go weekend from there.........!

    Chatham, Rosyth, Pompey, Helensburgh.........then Guzz came a poor last.

  3. A good read, though crushers have not changed much even if the world around them has.
  4. Typical crusher, we are just doing it for your own good.....they luv it.
    A fair representation of union straza, apart from the gobby little bootneck, probably never even been to sea. Most of the royals I ever met had no real problem with matelots apart from the obvious banter between us and them. I was at stonehouse for nearly 3 years and never got the impression that royal hated jack.
    Of course I could understand a bit of professional jealousy cos royal wears that silly green lid and dresses like a tree when jack has the ultimate fashion statement of a milk churn hat and flares............
    Hoo hah ! :lol:
  5. Oh I almost forgot, not really worth a post in itself but would the person who gave me the prety oxygen thief banner have the onions to pm me and let me know what I did to upset his or her delicate sensibilities? I have sent a pm to a few but no answer.
    Come out come out wherever you are?

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