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Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by rod-gearing, Oct 26, 2007.

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  1. Just had a bollocking off my daughter for dunking my biscuit in my tea and was told it isnt the proper thing to do in polite company.

    So the question is: To Dunk or not to Dunk.
  2. Definitely a harry dunkers person myself!
  3. Dunk , It's a generation thing , we embarrass them full stop , :thumright: :thumright:
  4. Even Her Maj is a champion Rich Tea dunker (so i've heard).
    To deliberately NOT dunk is a sign of snobbery ;)
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    Moving on to the next question Rodney Gearbox, "Is your daughter "polite Company?"

  6. Waiting to knock off, minutes to go, been starving all afternoon, and I see this thread, which reminds me i have a packet of hob nobs in the desk draw, ah well they will keep for next week, as its time to lock up now.

    Oh and dunker, depending on the tipple and the biscuit
  7. DUNK - especially Ginger Nuts - they are a well hard biscuit - dunk em as much as you like and they still dont fall in the cup.
  8. Her and her WAG friends seem to think so,she is only 17 though and not very experienced in the finer art of socialising like wot we are.
  9. Well obviously not, a 'polite' person would have said nothing, but may have wrinkled nose in mild disgust.
    Start Dunking savoury, that will really annoy.
  10. If you're feeling double hard, try dunking wotsits :D
  11. Tell her to wait until she's your age, and then think about it !!


    Dunk ! Once they're soft, you can eat more of them quicker ..... :thumright:
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    Go all French on her and fill up a cereal bowl with coffee then dunk, doughnuts, french bread or croissants into coffee before drinking it al la saucer style. When she get snotty just say, "Its how its done in Paris"

    After two months in French Naval Base at Lorient upon our return to Blockhouse to annoy the cooks for the first few days we ignored all the full english breakfast they had cooked and continued our french habits drove them bonkers.


    PS a very rapid digestive dunker myself. Lose about 1 in twenty.
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    What you actually mean is once they are soft you can gum them to pulp in order to swallow them.

  14. :lol:

    Oooh .... that cutting !!

    No!, I have most of my own teeth, and my OH does not allow me to eat too many biscuits, she says she need me to be a lean mean machine !!

  15. even better idea crunch up a digestive and stick it in your coffee, then drink the dregs at the end. its not a generation thing im 16 and i dunk
  16. Dunk em.....and then take the saucer away from em... :thumright: (Gingersnaps...ooohhhh yeahhh)
  17. I tend to bite then slurp.

    Bite the bicuit then slurp the tea/coffee.
    That we you dont lose your bicci and you dont have to be fussy about the biscuits you use.

    Slightly off thread but is anyone else chuffed to bits that XMAS mince piesare bck on the shelves - great with hot choc or coffee.

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