Taking Suppliments?

Hi all,

In training to start my career as a MCD, Fitness test getting booked in a couple weeks once I complete my house move, just a quick question;

Whats the rules on suppliments? I currently take a Mass Gainer 1400Cal per shake 52G protein 36gCarbs, fills me right up, that plus large meal twice a day, snacking in between, my weight currently fluctuates between 11-12 stone at 5"11 im wanting to put on another stone at least, anyway aswell as a mass gainer, I take BCAA, Creatine & Pre Workout.

What are the limits on what I can use?

Nothing like waking up to a Strawberry & Banana shake in the morn!
I'd stop the lot mate, it's just "chocolate muscles",, good for show but feck all use. At 11-12 stone that's ideal for the course, you will be running around for 3 months doing heavy physical work, so carrying an extra 14 lb of useless mass around is just gonna hurt more.
Gradually going to have to come off it, been on it for the last 8 months, struggle to get through a workout with out a bit of N.O Xplode!:(, should see the havock it causes in the house when im down to my last scoop!
I'd severely not repeat any of that, premenstrual whingy muscle bosuns won't get past the first week. Used to watch them be fecking awesome for about an hour then be almost hypoglycaemic and shaky for the rest of the day being carried by their mates. Used to always sack them on Fridays about 11 am, that way they couldn't complete their off course routine and go weekend. They'd have to stay till Monday... You waste my time, I'll waste yours ! Simples Tcchh!
:eek: I'm going to finish my cycle and come off it in the new year, Natural motivation after that!

Thanks for the input, taken on board!

Another thing you might be able to shed some light on... Smoking?, currently down to 5 a day only whilst im stuck in my boring office job, dont smoke any other time unless i'm out on the town, looking to cut it all out completely again in new year, how do smokers/ex smokers fair to do?
There were a few smokers, generally didn't seem to affect them, however, given what we do and where we do it, there isn't many chances to smoke, so keep it for standing outside the pub on a night out whilst I swop phone numbers with yer girly cos she's fed up of kissing an ashtray.
Giving up will be easy, it is really frowned upon.


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Non prescribed supplements are not permitted in training and there are a list of banned supplements once within the service.

As stated by @Spidiver, the emphasis is CV fitness, not the ability to lift heavy weights.


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The main supplements you will need in training are dished up in the galley, if you do not recognise something do not ask, you may not want to know, plenty of Proteins for muscle and tissue repair and stacks of carbs for energy, and buckets of fluids (water) once in the fleet swap water for CSB.
Good luck in getting yourself of the junk you call supplements, I now take supplement's, that is because I am now broken from a miss spent youth as a sailor, but all with the advice from my GP.
Self prescribing unless you are medically trained in that area is a fools journey, with no idea what you are doing to yourself.
As SP said you need longevity in your fitness and not just power for an hour.
Thanks for the comments, I'm determined to get of the stuff, Been wanting to become a diver ever since my old man came out and told me he regretted not going into the MCD branch, just got to work hard until the dream becomes a reality!