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This might be a silly question to some but I am not in the navy yet and I am waiting for my joining date. But next year we are planning a family holiday to America in sept... Will I be told when I have leave in the summer or can I ask to have that time off. I am going into the navy as a medic. If you could help with any answers I would be grateful.


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The navy will allow you to take holiday when you want as long as it fits in with what they want, so if your family go on holiday whilst you are in the middle of doing something in the RN, you can tell your family to have a nicetime, and see them when they get back, don't worry you will get the odd run ashore to go home and blag about?


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I have no idea when summer leave will be if you're in your phase 2 training by then, but it's VERY unlikely to be as late as September. If you were to be in some sort of 'holdover' position between courses it's possible you could get leave, but I really wouldn't get your hopes up.

If you're at Raleigh, then no. Summer leave for Raleigh ends Sep 4 and you will not get time off from phase 1 for a holiday.

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