Taking Chance (home)

If you can watch this movie (Taking Chance) without getting a lump in your throat at the very least, you are either stronger than I am or have no soul. It's the story of one U.S. Marine's last trip home from Iraq, and all the lives he touches in passing.

I know that here in Canada returning fallen troops from Afghanistan are treated with particular respect re their repatriation from when they arrive at Canadian Forces Base Trenton as is the case (recent thread re Wootton Bassett) in the U.K' and on their way on their final journey. A stretch of highway (the 401) between Trenton and Toronto, has been renamed the 'Highway of Heroes' and the overhead bridges all the way to Toronto are attended by many ordinery people wishing to pay their respects as the fallen soldier makes his or her journey to Toronto before repatriation to the family.

I thought the film was sensitively made and and and will touch so many families.

Lest we forget....

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