Taking a Stand

A much under valued half-hour programme broadcast at 0900 today, featuring Fergal Keane interviewing Captain Peter Stapleton, MN, the Master of a large container ship which recently fought off a group of pirates. No heroics, just a matter of fact account of "how we went about it" from a naturally modest hero.
Well worth a listen, repeated on Radio 4 at 2130 this evening, and also available on BBC Iplayer.
I was quite surprised to find out that 25 nations have 40 odd vessels patrolling the area.
Would be interested to hear others' views on this programme.

I was late in my treadmill yesterday because it was so interesting. Even then, I had to leave it at the point where the RPG 7 had ruptured a fuel tank.

A very impressive and unaggressive man who’s clearly a seaman through and through. He calmly explained it all in words a landsman could understand. I was very interested in his respect for his Russian crewmen.

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