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I now have a glorious walk through the Dockyard every day. It is beautiful and I arrive at work smiling every morning, even when it's raining. My staff think I am ever so slightly insane (and probably aren't too far off the mark) but I love it.

My journey time has increased significantly but I have chosen to walk ten miles a day and not use the gym so I am actually cutting the working day by half an hour :)

I promised myself that I wouldn't work from home now that I have a longer day but this weekend and next I have to or things won't get done for when they need to be. The CO told me to be careful that I don't burn myself out. I'm pacing myself: puppy and I walked into town for a few groceries earlier (she's poorly today :( ) and I'm heading off for a nice relaxing bath now. It'll be worth it when everything comes together.

I'm taking a couple of days off in a fortnight for a belated birthday weekend back oop North, then a whole week in March (see below) and another in April when a friend visits at Easter - she's only down for a few days but as it's a Bank Holiday, I might as well take a week and get some R & R.

My Valentine had roses delivered to the office for me yesterday, roll on March when he can come home for his Valentine's treat... :D

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Oh aye, I can relate to that, though obviously that pretty little trident makes you think of Neptune and is thus close to your heart :lol: .

It's just the 'my staff, and 'CO told me' strikes me as very 'look at me' - the comments of someone reaching out for admiration.

A picture of her tits would do a sight more in my opinion.
Got potential if my latest comment is complied with though.

Unless she's got gash tits.

Or doesn't show them.

So you're probably right.


Guzzler said:
Got potential if my latest comment is complied with though.

Unless she's got gash tits.

Or doesn't show them.

So you're probably right.
I recall her showing a phot of her legs ages ago, they looked like two uncooked pussers sausages so I wouldn't get your hopes up.


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I just wanted a bit of a break from working, as that's all I've been doing of late, nothing of interest to talk about so I prattled about work. I knew it would bore everyone else which is why it went in my blog rather than in a forum - it's too dull even for the gash barge :lol:

Guzzler, if I was insecure, I wouldn't have the balls to post drivel like this on here :wink:


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Clearly not much home improvement work coming in at the moment, Brian... :wink:

And for God's sake, mate, stop PMing me those pics of you from that Plumbers' Convention in Leeds last year - I'm flattered but I'm really not interested... :shock: :lol:



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SPB - that is NASTY!

AESOs Book 2 completed but I have lost the will to live.

My life is currently as exciting as a wet digestive biscuit. Any suggestions (not including sex)?

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