Taking a break from counting his money


War Hero
Taking a break from counting his money and doing things to secretaries that most certainly weren't in his contract, Sven-Goran Eriksson decides to take the England team on a relaxing, team-building trip to Munich zoo. The team are enjoying the day until they reach the crocodile enclosure, when Sven says "Watch this!" and jumps over the barrier. He runs across the backs of several large handbags-to-be, gets to the island in the middle, does a little dance, and then swims back. All the time he's in there, the crocodiles apparently don't even think about eating him. When he climbs back out, the team are amazed.
"'Eh boss, come ed," eh-eh-ehs Stevie Gerrard, "Worraya doin'? How come the crocodiles didn't bite yez?"
"Well, you know, it's very simple," says Sven, and lifts up his jumper, "My t-shirt says 'England For The World Cup', and even the crocodiles won't swallow that."

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