Take the dive or not?


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Hey shippers,

I'll cut it short. I am in the RNR at the moment aged 24. Currently a student at uni but the andrew do not have whati'm at uni for. I can do it at a later date because older aplicants are encouraged.

I want to join up full time. Thinking about comms or CIS??? Has anyone got any advice? Join up or wait untill i finish uni? comms or ither branch?

Wanna do something that i can do in civvy street.

Please help.


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dunkers said:
Finish uni, definitely. As for your other questions I don't know, would you be considering officer or rating?

I think my mind is made up now. I must have had a brain fart or something like that. Yeah i will finish uni, it's only sensible. There are more advantages to finishing than to joining up now.

As to the officer question, I will have to do at least 18months post uni experience in a mental health unit (as i'm dojng the mental health nursing degree) before they will consider my for commission. The only problem i have is that currently the Andrew do not recruit mental health nurses so it is either the Army of the RAF. Both of which have elements that i'd enjoy.

Any further advice???


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Well that is the choise i will make inthe coming months. One thing that is odd, only the RAF ask that mental health nurses need to have their driving license before they accept an application. The army don't mind. Think that says something about the jobs i'd be doing. (RAF travelling up and down the motorway looking after service personel in their homes, ARMY continent hopping to not so safe places)

One thing is sure though, wherever i end up i am going to do the full 22 even more so as a nurse. The conditions of employment are better and pay is about 50% better. I'd be crazy to want to be an NHS nurse. :D