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Take on Top Gear's Stig with Gran Turismo 5


War Hero
Yet one more reason I will be forced to buy the game (and system, assuming its PS3 only)

Gamers will soon have the chance to challenge The Stig – the Top Gear test track is coming to a PlayStation near you.

The hotly anticipated Gran Turismo 5 – scheduled for a release in December 2008 – will feature the Dunsfold test track used by Clarkson, May and Hammond in Top Gear.

A BBC spokesperson said: “We are always looking at innovative new ways to use our content, and Top Gear has a huge global audience.

“It was a logical step for the Top Gear content to be used in this format.â€

The fifth instalment of one of the most successful driving simulations will also allow gamers to rekindle Clarkson and co’s past glories – mullet included – offering up ‘classic’ episodes of Top Gear as a download.
Yeah it is PS3-exclusive mate.

So what have you been playing lately feller?

I bought Halo and Halo 2 a month back because I wanted to play Halo 3 for Xbox 360 due to the hype, but didn't have a clue about any of the storyline, so I've completed the first now and I'm half way through Halo 2.

Awesome games.


War Hero
In the past couple of weeks Ive had a few rounds of Rise of Nations (Thrones and pisspots) with our lass, been meaning to finish up on "Black" on the PS2
meanwhile, back at work I spent many a happy hour on Tempest, Missile command and Aero Fighters.

I played through Halo on PC, and although the graphics were colorful and the aliens irritating, it didn't make me want to pick up Halo 2 now its on the cheap. Of course as Halo 3 will remain Vista exclusive, I don't see me going to the expense of buggering a perfectly good PC just to play it. Of course, I might just find an unsuspecting server at work that can run it in the background for me.....

If you havent already, checkout FarCry, better combat than Halo, better storyline, more weapons, better tactical element (and its on Amazon for $10 new or $5 used). FarCry2 due out Mar '08
Im also pondering "The Orange box", (Valves bundle of Half life 2 and Team fortress 2).
I played FarCry when visiting my dads mate. It was good, but didn't grab me by the bollocks.

I completed Halo 2 now and it's one of the best games I've ever played.

The story, the graphics, the gameplay, everything. It's just got that "epic" feel to it.

You got a PS3 or 360 mate? PS3's are as cheap as £279 now mate.
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