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Can anyone tell me what the take home pay is for RN Ratings during training and once qualified?

I'm considering applying to join the RN as an AET, however, if my predictions are correct, i'll be taking a 50% pay cut in my monthly take home pay.
Do i not have to take into consideration deductions for food and accommodation as well? If i take the salary which i would receive during training and deduct tax and NI and divide by 12 i would come out with around £950 a month but from what i've heard it's quite a bit less than that.
In terms of salary i would be taking a 50% pay cut, however, my deductions in civvie street are much higher than they would be in the military when i take into consideration my pension and trade union subscriptions. Although my basic salary would be £13,377 during initial training i won't take home that amount.
Sorry for being flipent but are you single or married? Because things with salary can realy change. Ninja or Soliel might be able to give a better idea. There are theads on this site that will help if you use the search box. All the best
I'm single which is one of the reasons why i want to take the bull by the horns and join the RN whilst i still have the opportunity to do so. Having wanted to join the military after leaving college i decided aginst it when offered the job which i do now. After five years i've reached the point whereby if i don't join now i might end up regretting it later in life. Although salary isn't everything i need to calculate how 'worse off' i will be in comparison to where i am now.
The £13,377 you get payed during basic training you have to pay for your food and accodation out of that about £300 ish per month.
about 850 ish a month for the first six months, and when your PVR expires goes up so that you should be clearing a grand a month. also, HMS Sultan ( where you will do the first bit of your phase 2 training) is not pay as you dine ( ie you get charged something like £120 a month for food ). when you get to your air station on payd you will clear a bit more but you still have to feed yourself!
It would appear as though the deductions in the RN are quite a lot more than those of the RAF and Army. Having spoken to a few friends who are in teh Army they were taking home just over a grand a month during phase two training which included food and accommodation.
That's such a depressing figure!

I'm taking home 25k at the mo and have my lunch paid for!!

Then again, it aint all about tha green. What with renting most of my paycheck gets raped anyway

AND life as a AET (i imagine) will have less of a percentage of making me brain damaged from mind numbing boredom that is the 9-5
I was in the same situation before i joined up, single,good wages,secure job but stuck in a rut. I considered if i wanted to be doing the same job in 20 years and i took the gamble and joined up. I've had some regrets since joining but the positives certainly outweigh the negatives. The adjustment of the pay drop was tough at first but the guys you start off with are all earning exactly the same so there were never any expectations to have a lavish social life just a normal one. On reflection i have got more out of the years served with the Navy both professionally and academically then i ever got as a civvy. I may be one of the lucky ones as the navy isn't for everyone but unless your prepared to take that bravery pill and go for it you may well end thinking in 10-20 years time "what if"
Haha oh deff

4 years in the 9-5 in IT and everyday I think about diving through the window superman styles just to liven the place up a bit!

As I said, if you rent, own a car that £1500 after tax as a civvie soon whittles down to about £400...I'll be taking home double just on initial salary!

Plus you won't meet f'uckin people that talk about DIY or cooking all day long!

At the moment i'm also taking home about £1500 a month, however, when i take into consideration loan repayments, car insurance, petrol, rent, council tax etc it doesn't leave much to spare. I'll still have outgoings of around £300 a month if i decide to bite the bullet and join, however, i'm going to have to make some lifestyle changes in any case so i'll just have to live with it.

While doing Basic at HMS Raleigh, you will get roughly £820 a month net - i.e. after all deductions have been made - in your pocket.

You will stay on that money for 26 weeks; at that point, you will get an automatic payrise to the first Able Rate pay of approx £16,500 (roughly £980 in your pocket).
That's alrgiht then. It's a bit more than i thought. I thought i was going to be taking a pay drop of just over 50% but it's just under that. I've been trying to find out whatthe take home pay is so i can calculate whether or not i'm going to need to get rid of some of the things i'm paying for at the moment, however, when i take into consideration the fact that i'm not going to be using my car every day and that the food and accommodation is subsidised i'll still have a few beer tokens left over each month.

Scabster hit the nail on the head with his last post. One of the main reasons why i want to join is to avoid the 'what if' scenario in years to come. I might be in a well paid and secure job at the moment but i'm not happy and that's what matters the most.
Yeah definately mate. Couldn't agree more.

I think it was around the third time I was cracking one of in the bathroom stalls when I looked down at my dick and just went

"I need to find a job i love!"
soleil said:

While doing Basic at HMS Raleigh, you will get roughly £820 a month net - i.e. after all deductions have been made - in your pocket.

You will stay on that money for 26 weeks; at that point, you will get an automatic payrise to the first Able Rate pay of approx £16,500 (roughly £980 in your pocket).
Not forgetting that it's all smartie or beer money.

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