Discussion in 'The Corps' started by 9inchesofheaven, Nov 10, 2006.

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  1. hey was wondering if bootnecks had to wear dog tags (ID tags) all the time or only when they on ops.
  2. Good question. Navy only do it on Ops. I presume the marines probably do it from habit given the amount of time they seem to spend on ops.

  3. Royal Marines the same as the rest of the British Forces, only wear them on Operations and also on some exercises.

    To be honest its considered a bit "walt" to wear them all the time unless your an American that is!! :wink: (No offence Bootneck Yank!!)
  4. None taken!
    In the air wing, we actualy weren't allowed to wear them on the flight line/deck because they posed a FOD hazard.
    On the carrier, s.o.p was to lace one into your boots. The theory being, that if you got inhaled by an A-7, etc., they could at least identify the pieces.
    I never wore mine in civvies, nor did any of my squadron mates. The young, gung-ho grunts never took theirs off.
  5. Dog tags!!!!!!!!
    Once received a beasting for calling them the above. "No you ******* numpty we're not Yanks, (no offence BNY) and they are called I.D discs" Other pearls of wisdom included calling a GPMG a "Gimpy" and one lad called a D.L Sarge!! Oh dear did we get a collective beasting!!!!!!! Mind you his unofficial nickname was nookie bear and yes his was the spitting image equiped with the said right hand up his jaxy!!!! weyhey!!!!!!
  6. i saw a marine wearing them on an ex quite recently, but he also had FFDs all over him, and a grenade ring pull on every zip he possessed!

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