Discussion in 'The Quarterdeck' started by Tas-ape, Dec 27, 2006.

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  1. Nice to see, also like the way he dies in a nice straight line.
  2. Nice shooting, 2 hits out of 4 ain't bad at all.
  3. Surely, two body and one head shot?
  4. I thought it looked like 2 head shots!
  5. I thought it looked like 2 head shots!either way its gonna take more than an aspirin to sort it out!
  6. Have you ever seen the one where a septic deck crew member gets sucked through an engine turbine and shot out the other side. He survives, but either it's a fanny or cleverly worked on.
  7. yea i seen that one, saw the interview aftewards........thats right he survived the fcuker.

    was pretty beat up, but he survived and could still string a sentance together!

  8. Aye, but How!!!!!!
  9. And got promoted to President
  10. Anyone got a link to the turbine incident? This I got to see. All the jet intakes I've ever looked into, there isn't anyway you are going to go through one of those and live..........................................
  11. Double entry. Sorry.
  12. Here it is on you tube. That took all of 30 seconds to find.
  13. Nah,you taketh the Urine!!!!even an Ex Scablifter knows about all those Impeller Blades and Compressor blades in a jet engine!No way can you get sucked into a Jet engine and get spewed out the hot end,and still be an effective member of the Human race!!!!


    So just how does a body by pass all those blades??????
  14. Concur, tho the vid is quite convincing.
  15. Kin hell , agree with the 2 posts above though ,!!!!!
  16. thats because he didnt go through the ECU he was stuck in the intake and everything he was wearing was stripped from him thats what was spat out of the exhaust
  17. Getting back to the original thread.
    Shouldn't the Met employ these blokes? Cos the miscreants they use at the moment use SEVEN head shots!

    Keep Striving.

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