Tactical or Sensors?



Start training on the 25th Feb and I've been asked my preference between Tactical or Sensors.

From the website....

* Tracking potential targets using radar and electronic listening equipment.
* Operating on-board computer systems to maintain the accuracy of the submarine’s navigation and ensure the submarine remains undetected.

* Operating sonar equipment.
* Detecting and locating other ships and submarines by using both the passive (listening) and active (transmitting pings) sonar systems.

As you can see there's not really much to go on but I'm leaning towards tactical.

Any advice? What was your experience with these two?

Thanks very much.


War Hero
Well I was a TS which was the old term for TACTICAL. To be honest its 6 of one half a dozen of the other.Sonar operators tend to send a lot of time carrying out the seamanship tasks as well as their operating jobs.As a tactical operator you have a very varied role in the control room such as periscope assistant, cep, nav plot, dcb etc etc all foreign to you at the moment .I short I was a Tactical systems rating and I enjoyed .Its your call matey.


ET or RO is the way forward mate, unless you like to be shoved from pillar to post across the submarine world, Oh yeh, forgot about the one in two watch bills as well !!
But at least you will get an NVQ in cleaning !!!

Hope this helps !!!

But joking aside, if you are a submariner then you are a worldwide and exclusive club that looks after its own !