Tactical Aide Memoire

Franky Vorn, its all you need. helped me get through many a long hour. and some wet wipes, unless you are in a sanger then you can use the electric fire or the cam net!
Halford said:
cheers drip, ill remember that one, now to choose from the wealth of frankie iv got!

IWS? i pride myself on being a spotter but i dont know that one, shame on me.
Individual Weopon Sight or a big fcuk off night sight that you never really wanted to carry and had a low whine to it when it was switched on that annoyed furry dog type animals.

:thumright: :thumright:
Halford said:
ah right, used a CWS loads of times, i think i know which one you mean, basically a CWS but bloody massive?
Yep thats the one. I did my CDO course in 1992 and the RMR were still using the SLR then with the IWS and you needed a bloody bi-pod if you were down in the prone position for any length of time!! The T.A had the SA80A1 long before we did (21 SAS had it in 1987) but i still prefered the SLR on any day of the week.
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