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I always thought that mobile phones ringing in bars was "tacky".
That was beaten by people wearing those blue tooth thingys in one ear while walking round the shops.
Now I've found one that beats em all: walking round with a memory stick on a chain round their knecks!!

geoff :p
golden_rivet said:
Nutty said:
OK I give in, whats a memory stick on a chain??????


Dear Nutty - its a plug in memory, in this case stick shaped (rather than any other) - and in all likelihood - on a chain ... :lol:

Thanks G-R and M-P

But if its on chain around your neck is no more than a decoration like sharks tooth's and gold nuggets of years past. Can it actualy do anything unless plugged in. If not what is the point or any I missing it????




To be honest they are quite handy, I work in IT and they are useful for swapping files around between computers or for saving important data (ie your favourite family snaps or email address book) just in case you're worried that your computer hard drive wraps it's hand in.

Depending on what size you need they are cheap as chips.

Hope that helps.
janner said:
But why would you want it around your neck

So you can plug your dongle into your USB at will, without searching in your handbag for something smaller than a tampax.

Does that help?

And besides, there was a big rush at our unit to get dongles and then the powers that be disabled the USB ports in our computers. Considering everything is done on computer or distributed via a disc now, how does that work?
Becuase you are a bloke Andy, everything is complicated for you.

For instance do you understand why we women need 27 handbags and 4 pairs of black trousers, that sometimes only chocolate will do and that given the choice we would leave you for George Clooney/Brad Pitt/Georgio Locatelli (delete as required)?

Can you multi task? I can talk, type and play with my kitten at the same time. You men find it hard to point and pee at the same time, what chance really do you have?


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27 Handbags!!bloody novice,my missus must have well over 70 bloody handbags!And as for Shoes!!Dont get me started!

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