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Discussion in 'Bloody Computers' started by josiecats, Jan 17, 2008.

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  1. having for unknown reasons lost the "tab" ability on my explorer. i clicked somthing i shud not have,,, it then said if you want to re instae the tabs function. do this,,, but i cant remeber what THIS

    any help would be most happily accepted.
  2. What explorer are you talking about mate?

    Windows Explorer or Internet Explorer ?
  3. ermmmmmmmmm

    microsoft internet explorer..

    ( come on i is a girl you know)
  4. Aah, ok.

    Open Internet Explorer.
    Click on Tools and then Click on Internet Options.
    Near the bottom is Tabs, click on Settings.
    At the top of the window that opens is the option "Enable Tabbed Browsing".
    Tick that, click OK
    Click Apply if required and restart Internet Explorer.

  5. Or you could always use system restore.
    All programmes
    system restore

    choose 'restore mt computer to an earlier time"
    select a highlighted date from the calender that appears
    follow the on screen instructions and VOILA!
  6. My god how drastic do you want to be over a simple setting?
    System Restore should ONLY be used as a LAST RESORT!
  7. Or you could give up and buy a new computer. That should work ;)
  8. Agree that system restore should be used as last resort, but there is no harm KNOWING it exists and it has saved my bacon and aged befuddled brain on more than one occasion!

    Use it, but dont OVERUSE it!


    Presumed innocent until PROVEN guilty of farting in my wifes face! not bloody likely!
  9. Please read the last line of my last post again Fly Past :)
    In my opinion, System Restore should actually be called System RESET, because you are actually resetting the PC to an earlier time, and anything added after that time is lost.
    Like I said, it really should only be used as a last resort, when all other avenues have been thoroughly checked :)
  10. Lamri, System restore is a useful tool if all else fails . I know it resets some settings etc but if you are stuck - and in a quandry.... it does help. It does not delete any recently made files of documents or any files you made but does restore the settings to the last known restore point.
    As I said, it has helped me out and am glad it did. but I take your point too. :thanks:
  11. thank you .xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

    worked a treat..........

    and yes am aware of restore... but have not had the need for that yet..
  12. My pleasure :)

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