TA while waiting for entry

I'm just wondering on the rules for joining the TA while waiting for entry to the RN.

I've been told I have a wait time of 2 years+ and I am ex-TA. I live miles away from any of the RNR units but I have become aware of a TA unit (who do their training close to where I live) who have a trade called 'Seaman/Mariner'.

I'm considering joining them and was wondering if any of our CAs on here knew if joining the TA is "against the rules"?
Guessing RLC. Just dont as it might complicate your application

Im ex TA and my application is dragging and dragging as a result of JPA being awkward about giving my CA my Medical records.

Turned into stress nightmare. just my thoughts
**** has a point also.

Chops- I left in 2007 and every time my AFCO applied for my details the request gets lost or ballsed up. Seems they might have been sorted this time. Wait and see it seems

JPA is the bane of life.
Thanks for the replies so far. And it is RLC Scouse

Don't waste the TA's time unless you have time to deploy.
The trade I'm looking at isn't involved in Afghan currently and most of the unit's deployment options are the FTRS jobs.

Considering I've got 2 years+ wait then this seems to be something worth doing. Even after I re-trade, I'll still have over 1 year in the TA, quite probably 2 or 3.
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Best of luck to you then. Perhaps you should also fill your time maybe with some college quals to perk up those you already have.
I'm looking at it, but I'm over the age of getting education for free and most of them cost a good bit of money.

Just to go back to the original point, I spoke to my RN CA today and he said that going TA isn't a problem and he encourages it. Apparently all I would have to do is sign a bit of paper when it comes time to transfer over.

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