Sorry for starting another thread on this, but the others are over a year old and I want to see if anything might have changed.

I joined the TA last year, had to drop out of first phase training because of an injury, but now I'm halfway through phase one training. I'd far rather have joined the RNR (loads of reasons why) but the nearest unit is four hours drive from my flat, whilst the closest TA unit is a 15 minute drive away.

However, there's a chance I might be changing jobs soon and I'll be very close to an RNR branch. What kind of hoops will I need to jump through to transfer? Will I have to go back to the very beginning of training?


You have variously enquired about RMR, Int work, SBS, SAS and Media Ops.

You are now a journalist. I think you have commitment issues and should seriously consider you motivation.

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