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Discussion in 'RMR' started by P.T.P., Jul 21, 2009.

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  1. A regular Arrser here in disguise, looking for a bit of advice or to be pointed in the right direction of someone in the know

    I'm a non-Infantry TA soldier with about 4 years in and some Herrick experience.

    I'm thinking about a change when I get back, and the RMR is something that appeals.

    I wanted to find out what the score is with joining as a trained soldier, what happens with my rank and quals that I hold?

  2. first of all - what rank do you hold ? and what quals do you have ?
  3. Cpl, Skill at Arms Inst.. erm.. thats about it
  4. you will have to join as a recruit and complete the full training - you will not be able to retain your rank - however you should be able to keep your JPA account and accordingly should be entitled to be paid as a Cpl.
    you will be able to keep your SAAI qual.

    hope this helps

    you can pm me if you have any specific questions

    good luck
  5. An addition to the original post and again, here incognito(ish). So, advice and info sought please.

    Currently in the TA Infantry and have some out of date quals (from previous TA service) including RMQ1-3, SAA, Regmntl Sig's Standard 2, assistant NBC instructor etc.

    My current unit are a great bunch but the opportunites for more challenging persuits and courses and somewhat limited. I know what the cutoff age is for new joiners to the RMR but is there a similar cut-off age for transferring from another unit?

    I am also looking at taking the AACC course through my unit soon and wonder if there is a route map (PDF, google map route or similar) of the 30 miler so that I can get out on similar terrain and practice and or recce the route in advance. Thanks
  6. wet_blobby

    wet_blobby War Hero Moderator

    30 mile'rs the easy one mate, no seriously it is. OK, you may end up with a day when it's all clagged in so you cant see sod all but you'll be looking at your bootstraps anyway. Don't worry yourself about the 30 miler, square your sh1t away for the other tests and that one will fall into place, good luck.
  7. Thanks for the tip on the 30 miler (I'm working hard on the other stuff too). Any info on the transferring age query though? Thanks :)
  8. I think the upper age limit is 36 at the C.O's discretion although your best bet is to ring your local AFCO and ask mate
  9. for serving personel the upper age limit to join the RMR is at the CO s discretion.
    how the CO applies his discretion will depend on your individual circumstances however your performance on a selection weekend will certainly influence his decison. again dont worry about the 30 mile route - if you need to train for that just get on the hills and start getting the miles in the bank .the route itself is immaterial as it is not a navigation test and you will be well briefed beforehand
    good luck

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