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Discussion in 'Royal Naval Reserve (RNR)' started by bh562, Nov 23, 2010.

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  1. Hi there all.

    Does anyone have information or any rough ideas on the process and difficulty of transferring from the TA to the RNR? A little on my background may allow a more concise answer.

    I have been a member of the Royal Logistic Corps TA for 8 years. This includes 6 years as a commissioned officer (Substantive LT), and 12 months mobilised service for Op Telic 8 in Germany (4 Months) and Iraq (8 Months), as a Troop Commander and later as an instructor with the MITT (Military Instructional Training Team) tutoring logistic units of the Iraqi Army.

    Although I have enjoyed my TA service, and wish to continue to serve, I find that I am unable, due to work commitments, to complete as much training as I would demand of myself in order to be an effective Troop Commander. I therefore asked to be placed onto the RARO (Regular Army Reserve of Officers) in Jun this year. This means that although my commission is still valid, and I may rejoin at my request, I am not required to attend training, and my call our liability is reduced.

    Onto my work... I am currently completing my last sea phase as a Merchant Navy Deck Cadet, onboard Offshore Support Vessels. I am due to complete this in Jun '11 and would then be posted to a ship as 2nd Officer (Nav). I would look to make the move from TA to RNR after my qualification date.

    Throughout my MN training I have come to realise that should I wish to continue my service in the reserve forces whilst making my living at sea, I would be best served to try to get my house in order, and serve in a capacity that would benefit from my civilian occupation, and in turn benefit me with continued career development.

    I have seen that the normal route for MN officers is to enter onto list 1 within the AW branch, which I would really be interested in doing. I am also looking for information on the means by which I would be able to transfer my commission to the RNR, without the requirement of completing the BRNC course, thus maintaining rank equivalency, and retaining my seniority as a result.

    Is this done? And if so has anyone had any experience of this and the process I should go through?

    Please treat this poor defenceless Pongo gently!!

    Many thanks in advance.

  2. You realise that's like a red rag to a bull round here right?

    Afraid I don't have much to add, other than have you tried talking to your local AFCO? They'd probably be better advised than most peeps here as I would imagine your situation is not a particularly common one.
  3. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    Welcome to the site.

    There is certainly a Direct Officer Entry route for suitably qualified MN Deck Officers (usually those Masters qualified or similar). You must be entirely free from recall liability to join another service.

    In any event an applicant, even with a Territorial Army Commission, should expect to undergo AIB. Bear in mind also that those joining the RNR should join in the expectation to deploy operationally, much the same as the TA.

    Needless to say, individuals with similar background, wishing to join the RNR are comparatively few and as such are viewed on a case by case basis. Not so long back I found myself about to interview a qualified MN Captain for joining the RNR as a Rating(!) - purely because the system is not routinely geared for Direct Entry Officers and unless the individual makes their qualification known at the correct level, the system automatically defaults to standard entry.

    The advice is to contact your local RNR unit direct so that they may clarify the correct entry level with COMRES before being processed administratively via the AFCO.
  4. Purple_twiglet

    Purple_twiglet War Hero Moderator

    " I am also looking for information on the means by which I would be able to transfer my commission to the RNR, without the requirement of completing the BRNC course, thus maintaining rank equivalency, and retaining my seniority as a result."

    It would be very unlikely that you'd get a BRNC waiver - as a Lt (TA), you are the equivalent of an SLT, and would be entering with fairly limited Royal Naval knowledge. The RN does things very differently from the Army, so you would find the BRNC a useful introduction to how the RN works. I have heard of more senior officers transferring across, and retaining ranks, but this is at the SO2 level. While you bring operational experience to bear, I don't know if HQ NAVY would accept this as sufficient to make you a SLT.

    Go for it by all means, but my advice would be that you would be well served by doing time at BRNC to get you into the naval mindset, and give you the grounding that would make you a credible RNR Officer.
  5. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    To echo PT above, my guess is also that even if the rank is carried across, a trip to BRNC is inevitable - if AIB is passed.
  6. Why not join 165 Port and Maritime Regiment:

    Keep your cap badge, rank, seniority, and still get to play with landing craft and throw Booties in to the sea. Winner.

    It is not clear on ArmyNet if it is a specialist Regiment, so you would have to check what the training commitment is.
  7. There is a direct entry capability and you should start your application via the usual career office route but ask that the SO1/SO2 AW are advised of your application, that way the people that know your value to the system can assist.

    Your MN qualification would allow you to join as a Temporary Acting Sub-Lt since the target entry is those with Masters FGN (as was) Class One who joined as Temporary Acting Lieutenants. It changes every few years but you won't lose by jumping through a few hoops. :D

    Notwithstanding the current job as STOM Officer in the likes of ALBION, BULWARK & OCEAN etc, the AW role is to act as MN liason as Senior Naval Officer on ships obtained for operational use from the commercial world. This requires a capability to advise the Master and relies on your experince in both the MN and RN world, which is why it is unique and was a separate service in the old days. The RNR celebrated their 100 years in 2003, the RNR (List One) their 150 years in 2008.

    Go ahead and join, you will have great fun and you will learn a lot that will assist you in your normal life.
  8. Provided you were fully commisioned in the TA there may not be a requirement to undertake AIB, however coming from the TA you would be required to do the 2 week BRNC course and then progress to Fleetboard - which is a written and oral exam. At that point you would be branch allocated and confirmed as a S/Ltef off to the AFCO.
  9. Or you could join the RFA - after you've completed your cadetship, we're crying out for qualified deck officers apparently.

    You'll be expected to sign up for Sponsored Reserve status, but I'm not sure if they'd be happy with you trying to join the RNR ... we go where the RN go anyway so I can't see much point of going down that route.

    Details here:


    If you decide to join don't expect anyone to call you Sir though LOL.
  10. Blackrat

    Blackrat War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer


  11. The RFA were looking at making up the short fall in Deck Officers (3/O through to 1/O) however that has been put on hold until April sometime as a result of the Defense Review, until it is decided on what numbers are needed post reductions in the number of RN & RFA vessels.

    As a member of the RFA you are allowed to be a member of the RNR, even though as a condition of your contract you have to be a "Sponsored Reservist", which is a different thing.

    I was a RNR until a few years ago with out any problems from the RFA. I resigned from the RNR for domestic reasons.

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