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Discussion in 'Royal Naval Reserve (RNR)' started by LegalBeagle, Jul 19, 2010.

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  1. I've been serving with the TA for over a year post completion of basic training. I did my CMSR trg in a 6 week stint, then did AOSB briefing which I passed and also Module 2 officer training and thats where I am now. I am due to go to Main Board in November and would then have Mod 3 which is one week, followed by 3 weeks at RMAS and I'd be a TA 2nd Lt.
    Thing is, I want a bit more variety than I can see me getting with the TA; my unit/RTC are a nightmare as far as organisation and I am beginning to regret the choice I made of TA vs RNR when I joined up. RNR had always been a serious option for me and I am now looking to explore the situation re a possible transfer.
    Given where I am with training/qualifications, could I apply to do AIB and then move into officer training with the RNR? I have completed my 'militarisation' with the CMSR and while I know there are differences between green machine and blue machine, the training at Raleigh/CMSR seems comparable in most ways.
    Can anyone advise how I'd go about transferring and working toward a commission with the RNR given my current/former TA experience?
  2. Purple_twiglet

    Purple_twiglet War Hero Moderator

    Depends on your unit and whether you have an AIB pass. If you're commissioned post RMAS then it would be easier to do a straight level transfer as you'd have completed a commissioning course.

    At your current point you'd probably find that peeople would want you to do N/E training to navalise you and an AIB to confirm that you are worth taking a punt on.

    Personally, I'd put in for an AIB then if you pass use it as an RNR pass for an instant move to the junior officer training pipeline as a new entrant.
  3. Very interesting LB :roll: :roll: :roll: but could you explain all your abbreviations to me :lol: :lol: ps i did note your lack of sea time though :wink:
  4. Sorry!
    CMSR - Common Military Syllabus (Recruit); basic military training, you become a soldier upon it's completion - appears similar to Raleigh, albeit with no connection to the sea!
    Modules 2 and 3; officer training; tactics, leadership, command
    RTC - Regional Training Centres
    AOSB; Army Officer Selection Board, divided into 'briefing' two day assessment followed by 'Main Board' three day selection
    RMAS: Royal Military Academy Sandhurst.

    I am essentially two thirds of the way to becoming a TA officer having done most of the above with the exception of Mod 3, my three weeks at Sandhurst and 3 day assessment at AOSB Main Board
  5. Would it be possible to put in for an AIB now, given that I have military - if not direct naval - experience? I was wondering if the straight level transfer idea would work now, pre-commissioning given that I have completed the equivalent of N/E training etc?
  6. Need to wait for one of the recruiters (Ninja_Stoker, Supermario or Soleil) but my musings:

    - The RN is not the Army so saying the 2 basic training courses are the same is a bit misleading, naive or both
    - Are you educationally qualified to be an RN Officer (your handle would suggest so, but it depends I suppose!)
    - The RNR does not permit direct Officer entry apart from a few select specialisations - you would, in effect, be a direct entrant.
    - You have shown little committment to the Army thus far. It may be unwise to enter you into RN Officer training and hope that you stick at it.

    RN Medical Officer
  7. Thanks Angry Doc.
    Re commitment, I disagree; I have spent the last 12 months having AOSB dates constantly changed or zero recognition of my work commitments being made; I am a practising barrister and have had several dates where I am involved in trials where I have asked for board dates to be moved only to be told 'no, sorry, you will have to take that slot or wait in reserve in case someone fails the phys on another.'
    A combination of these things damaged what was otherwise complete commitment! I've spent countless weekends/days away - without pay - just to get my MATTS completed and am owed more by the Army than my clients!
    But other than that - and you weren't to know the above - I'm grateful for your input.
  8. Purple_twiglet

    Purple_twiglet War Hero Moderator

    You have 3 choices as I see it:

    1. Pass AOSB, complete RMAS then apply for level transfer to local RNR unit as commissioned officer. Been done before and relatively painless to do. Gives you zero naval knowledge though.

    2. Leave TA, join RNR as new entry and work way through system, taking AIB (AOSB equiv) when appropriate. Means redoing basic training, but gives you the best in depth knowledge of how to be a Naval officer.

    3. Take AIB privately, approach RNR with view to entering, completing New Entry and then joining YO pipeline.

    Generally speaking, the three services do not recognise Officer Cadets as a level transfer, as you have not completed a recognised commissioning course. You need to decide whether its more important to retain officer status, in which case go for Option 1, or whether you want to get in depth Naval knowledge and a clean start, in which case option 2/3.

    My personal advice would be Option 2 - RNR N/E is very different from the TA, and it gives you a chance to get to know people and the lingo and the way we do business. You would find Option 1 a bit frustrating and when you are doing commissioning courses, you need a lot more motivation when tired and hungry than 'If I pass out from RMAS then I get to join the Navy'! I'd call it quits, threaten fun legal terms against the army for pay owed, and come join us.

    Where are you based, and what do you want to do are the next questions, and we can put you intouch with the relevant people (hopefully!).
  9. LB, you're not by any chance connected with the Milford Haven area?
  10. No not connected with Milford Haven - am in Birmingham.

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