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TA Commando to RMR.


Hi people,

Does anyone know as to wether you can go straight into the RMR after passing Commando training at a TA unit eg: 131 Commando engineers. Or would you have to do all the training again within the RMR? I only ask as I'm now too old to join the RMR as a recruit but can join the commando engineers and attempt the Commando course..(which dosent make sense to me considering the tests are the same?) although I respect any unit which does the course the Marines is where I would ideally like to be. Any advice/thoughts would be greatly appreciated....
If you join the TA Engineers you'll be an engineer after training. If you join the RMR you'll be an infantry soldier. Not exactly the same job, commando course or not.


Yeah I understand that it's not the same job dude. I want to know if there can be a transition from an Army Commando unit to the RMR. Although after training Engineers are specialists in whatever.., essentially they are still trained soldiers first and foremost surely? With the RMR being primarily infantry like you say, would a transfer be allowed as long as the Commando course had been passed? See where I'm coming from?


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It may well be possible as you are a soldier first, tradesman second. It would help that you have passed the course, but you will have to have shit hot Infantry skills. Are you serving with 131 at the moment?
I get the feeling that he's not even commenced to process of joining the TA and is looking to see if he can transfer O/C is TA training. How old are you Ratty?



35 mate. Too old for the RMR but just on the limit for 131.... Well providing i can get into 131 in the near future..(Alledgedly there are no vacancies at the moment and may not be for some time) and as soon as i hit 36 i'm f####d so time is against me with 131 as well...
We had a former SAS guy with us he had to go down to Lympstone in fact he was on our course, one would have thought his past training and ops he would have sailed in not good enough for Royal. I remember speed marching with him there he was holding two house bricks secret training I thought. Smart ass decided to fill every pouch with newspaper PS caught him out. Hence the speed marching with the bricks. He ended up in SBS demanding it is SBS or I am back with the paras. Bad feeling in the unit over that many had been waiting to be selected for SBS training.


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35 mate. Too old for the RMR but just on the limit for 131.... Well providing i can get into 131 in the near future..(Alledgedly there are no vacancies at the moment and may not be for some time) and as soon as i hit 36 i'm f####d so time is against me with 131 as well...

Try the HAC. They're ******* good chaps. 2_Deck_Dash may be able to help. To be honest, i'd forget about 131 and the RMR unless you are going to go for selection now.


The HAC and the Commando petroleum troop are well out of my distance to travel unfortunately. I live near Birmingham so as the RMR have told me that i've got no chance whatsoever of joining, 131 is the only option that i got left....And as stated on previous posts the likelyhood of that happening is slim and is getting slimmer as the days go by.... Apparently i can't even join a normal TA unit and do the AACC for reserve forces as i've been told today that they won't allow you (or highly unlikely)to do so unless it is a requirement of the unit. In the grand scheme of things this is not looking good for me is it? :-(


I can think of easier badges to collect if that was the case mate. I got personal reasons for wanting to do this...
I can think of easier badges to collect if that was the case mate. I got personal reasons for wanting to do this...

However strong your 'Personal reasons' may be you'll have to accept that these cannot overcome the unchangeable D of B of your 'Personal Profile'.

Face up to it that time and tide has passed you by on this one.

We all come to lament our lost youth so you'll just have to seek out an alternative challenge, with/without any badges.


I have met several TA Cdo soldiers in my time, not one has impressed me and compared to the standard of the RMR TR they are massively different. If up to me I would never accept a TA Cdo as there is 347 years of history and tradition invested in a Royal Marine not 2 weeks on a RFCC at CTCRM. A bloke just RTU'd from 131 on the course had only completed 6 week-ends training (say's it all). It is very hard to meet the minimum required standard of the Corps even for the RMR and that isn't just the physical tests.

This bloke is a 'Walter' and is kidding himself, but if there are any other TA wallah's out there the only way is day 1, week 1, week-end 1 of phase 1 and crack on.



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The lads I've worked with from 131 and 289 (no longer in existence?) had reasonable soldiering skills but that was some time ago and things may have changed.

I agree totally about starting at day one, week one. If I had a pound for every ex 4 Para lad or TA 2Lt/ Lt/ Capt that joined Ph1B (Ph 2 as it was in the day) and was hailed as the exception to the rule only to reinforce it I'd be a very well off beard stroking gheyer.


Labrum, it went back to Ph2 some time ago...I too have a fair bit of experience with 289... fair enough for Gunners but not remotely near to bootnecks. Regular army commando's are different and the standard varies greatly but by and large they are good men who can do their stuff and most of those who have joined the RMR have made the transition without many problems following a bit of 'cultural' education usually involving soap.


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I wouldn't disagree with your last but writing off every TA commando's soldiering because of one RFCC RTU is a bit excessive. My experience is that they varied in ability and knowledge as much as their regular counterparts and that at the top end they out performed the bottom end of RMR.

What's the score with 289? I couldn't find any reference to TA cdo gunners on the web.

Welcome to RR by the way ASE.


Yes, I'm the FNG! I've avoided this for a long time but some of the posts really grip my ****! I haven't been inclined to follow the affairs of 289 and by vitue of my SQ I worked alongside them and the regular bty's over many years mainly their OP parties. I always assumed that they were cracking on doing their thing from Woolwich...I base my views on TA Cdo's having had some G1 nightmares with several of these people in the past, sadly they sometimes see themselves as pseudo bootnecks and we all know the reality! However back to thread as we have digressed...the original poster should heed all the advice as it's never going to happen.

"shot, rounds complete, out!"


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However back to thread as we have digressed...the original poster should heed all the advice as it's never going to happen.

That should have been in capitals as gunners shout, the deaf *******. You're right though.


(Do you think he heard that?)


Labrum, looks like 289 bty were re-rolled in 2002 -2003, copied this from arrse;

Re: 289 troop 100 regt ra
289 esat ham - now romford - was the TA commando battery before the wise decided to reduce it to a troop of 266 para battery in bristol - just in time for 29 commando regt, the regulars, to go on telic one with a whole battery of people missing - well done the regulars - just bloody brilliant.

289 had more para trained pax than 266 ever had - so swapping t the para role was no big deal.

now 289 tp (still at romford) is part of 201 battery (luton) and is airborne in support of 7 regt royal arse hortillery in colchester and 266 is going commando in bristol in support of 29 commando in plymouth, poole and arbroath.

266, 201 and 289 are all part of 100 regt RA (V)

i bet you can do either the all arms commando course and/or pcoy from any of their locations, but it makes sense to go where the experience is - so romford will be able to deliver both unless all the good guys that were there a few years ago have left.

All badge collecting Walters.

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