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Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by angrydoc, Feb 10, 2009.

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  1. Whilst watching the awful "Doctors and Nurses at War" tonight I was astounded, aghast and spitting fire to hear the TA get paid £1500 if they pass their fitness test.

    That is outrageous.

    They're in the Army, for Christ's sake. If you don't want to have a, let's face it, pretty basic level of fitness then maybe life in uniform is not for you. The fact that these guys were out on HERRICK is even worse - that means they deployed to land ops out of date for their fitness test.

    Do RNR personnel get a similar payment? If so, I have half a mind to make very strong representation about it. The argument that regulars get time during the week to do phys doesn't hold any water with me - I can't remember the last time I had time off to go for a jog during working hours.


    (edited to correct typo - still angry about it though!)
  2. I believe it's similar for RNR, you might find this thread of interest.
  3. It's not really all that similar though. Isn't the bounty for "completing training to a significant standard"?. Not doing so, according to that thread, results in deductions.

    I think angrydoc was saying that the TA gets £1,500 just for passing the fitness test.

    Alas, I've probably got the wrong end of the stick.
  4. You don't just get paid 1500 quid for passing your fitness test. It's one of the the terms of their bounty. It's considerably less when you initially join. It's a good idea as 90% of reservists are fat cnuts.
  5. T'was always a condition of receiving your bounty in the TA. Complete so many weekends, annual camp, pass annual medical, personal weapons test, and fitness test. I did it every year from when I joined at 43, to when I was required to leave at 57. Always made a point of doing the 3 miles (as it was then), in 22 mins or less, only once cracked 21. The ITV programme is designed to impress indolent civvies, not trained servicemen.

  6. Purple_twiglet

    Purple_twiglet War Hero Moderator

    Its the bounty payment - its on a sliding scale from about £300 in year 1, working up to £1500 in year 5. Its designed as a retention tool as it is only available to those who complete all their training, and Fitness Tests and any other training deemed essential by their chain of command. As reservists don't get an X factor payment, it is seen as a useful low cost incentive to keep people in, particularly after 5 years when they get bored and we need their skills and experience. Its amazing how it can concentrate the mind to keep at the committments.

    Of course acceptance of bounty means a willingness to be mobilised, which is a useful way of knowing how many of your reservists are available for duty.
  7. The minimum you have to complete is to get the bounty (as has been said, £300 sliding to £1500 max over 5 years), is 27 days work. This has to include a 3 week field camp (although a two week task specific training course can be used once every three years). As has also been mentioned, you have to pass your basic fitness test, combat fitness test (is this just infantry?), weapons handling test (also for any specialist weapons, I had to do MILAN, which included identifying foreign MBTs behind trees by their IR signature!). The bounty is basically there to ensure that there are troops available at the drop of a hat who can do their job, if needed. Most of my regiment did not get their bounty. If you don't get your bounty one year, you drop back down to £300 the next year.

    Having said all of that, doctors might get off a bit easier than this.

    Just as a point to note, when I was in the TA, we were getting paid £17 (under 18 private :( ) per day (before deductions) and working about 18 hours a day, at a time when the minimum wage for under 18s was £3.60. Getting £300 after 27 days of being paid like that was pretty much needed!
  8. i am in the TA and im a PTI, i completley agree that the fitness levels of TA personnel is shockingly low. However this £1500 they get is not just for fitness, it is also for passing: map reading, CBRN, First Aid, Ethics and Values, Escape and evasion, APWT, CFT twice, and they also have to commit to the certain number of days written down in their contract of employment.
  9. I cant see the problem If i got shot I would rather have a chubby doctor sorting me out then no fcuker at all get a grip man.
  10. I'm currently in the TA and as someone mentioned above, passing a PFT is only one of the requirements for the bounty, you have to pass the CFT, CBRN, values and standards...etc etc.

    However, to get deployed all TA have to pass through the centre at Chilwell where they get mobilised, and part of the process is to do a PFT. You should pass, however if you don't, the unit you are going on ops with (in their case whatever part of the RAMC) can take you "on risk" if they think your fitness doesn't pose too much of a threat, which I guess in a field hospital environment, isn't too much of a problem.

    Embarrassing yes, but these are medics, and the hospital needs all the help they can get, so if it means they can't pass a PFT, then it's not the end of the world.

    However someone like me who is a gunner, if I couldn't pass a PFT, I'd be very worried.
  11. Nope, all corps have to do it. It just depends what corps you are in that dictates the weight you carry. I'm Royal Artillery and we seem to be made to carry 25kg like the infantry.

  12. You're being seen off!

    CFT Standards

    Signals, Army Air Corps, RLC, REME, AGC, RAVC, QARANC, INT - 15KG

    H CAV, RE, RA, RAC - 20KG

    Inf, Pioneers, PARA, CDO, all personnel attached to PARA / CDO units - 25kg
  13. Could be something to do with our PTI being nabbed from the Infantry! Hah Oh well.

    It's only 5kg.....and everyone seemed to pass! LOL
  14. I agree with you mate i care not what the medic looks like if he/she is the dogs bollocks in civvy street i want him/her in theatre giving me the best possible care and making the right decisions.

    As an aside i thought that the Rupert (Hugo) needs to leave his ego at the door "He's the top man and i want his job" bollocks. Its was pretty obvious from my A&E experience that the young Bootneck needed to be in theatre ASAP and not still in resuss whilst they titted around.
  15. Whilst not the fittest of people, I am not the most unfit and, happily, am too old to have to run any distance to get paid.

    I'm a member of the medical fraternity and agree with RN Commando, though, in that I would prefer to see anyone requiring care to be given it by competent practitioners, not necessarily muscle-bosuns. They are a bit flabby, though!!

    I don't think the programme is "awful". It is giving the UK public a chance to see what is going on in its name, most of which is better than good, IMHO. I am sure that there will be criticism of the extent to which the local population and enemy forces are treated, but again, UK plc's even-handedness is a great advertisement for our idea of civilisation.
  16. Agreed.

    I'm not quite sure what Docs problem is with this programme other than the obvious bounty question. The £1,500 mentioned is culmulative due to the amount of service and awarded if certain conditions are met. I agree that perhaps they needed a kick *********** before they deployed but as i noted earlier the guys going out there are the best the NHS has to offer and we should be supporting them for leaving their job and families when they deploy.

    As an aside could this be tri-service jealousy?? Not sure but its not unheard of to see RN medics fcuk up at Sellyoak either which indicates that we are only human.

    Just a thought
  17. I thought it was a decent programme, and if I'm in a sh1t state the last thing I care about is if some fat stab doctor has passed his PFT or not. The enormous amount of respect I have for our medical staff both here and in theatre was only bolstered when watching them provide assistance to the extremely diffcult ANP and of course the Taleban. I can hand on heart say I couldn't do that, they are better men than I. (Even the women) 8O
  19. It's probably more likely that the HR knew what the score was but told everyone something else to make sure more people completed it! I didn't ever miss one, so I cannot confirm this.
  20. Was this before you did your P.Hd???

    :D :D :D

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