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War Hero
Whilst perusing the Daily Torygraphs archives I came across this bizarre letter which offers some hope to Slimpig.

The Editor
The Daily Torygraph
Fleet Street,

10 October 1946

Dear Sir,
It was with great sadness that I read your Military Correspondents article regarding the demise of the Commando Section of the Royal Army Veterinary Corps.
The story of these bold men who set forth across the sea to raid the pigeon coops, kennels and catteries of the enemy in the late war, may not be told for some years due to secrecy issues but I am sure that in future years a need for Commando trained Vets will become all to apparent.
Just as the Bosche relied heavily on highly trained carrier pigeons and vicious guard dogs to subdue the Continent, our former allies The Soviet Union have shown their ability to train dogs with high explosive strapped to their backs to attack tanks.
Pavlovs ability to induce dogs to salivate at the ringing of a bell should set alarm bells ringing in the corridors of Whitehall, what else might Uncle Joe Stalins minions be up to in the field of animal research.
The very men who could have found out have been packed off back into Veterinary practice and their hard won Commando fighting skills will wither on the vine, a very short term saving will see the free world imperiled in the long term.
Yours sincerely
Reginald Tuffton-Buffton.

Major R. Tuffton-Buffton RAVC (Rtd),
Mistyeyed Mansions,


War Hero
Aye. I 'volunteered' to be a baiter for them, it was a week long course at RAVC HQ Melton Mowbray (Sp??) learning how to let a German Shepherd bite your arm.
Pulled a WRAC kennel maid on my first night, shagged her rotten in her grot (her mate wouldn't join in, LEZZER!!) and got caught debunking from WRAC grots by a Regimental Policeman doing his early AM rounds. Extra parades etc for a week, oh how I laughed...didn't get caught again though as I took her to my grot!!
Vet Corps blokes dripped like feck that they couldn't get any sleep, too busy [email protected]#!$g to the action in my pit. What a dirty little fecker I was.