Hi there I am currently in HMS Sultan Stoker training and ship preference is getting closer and closer. I am just curious as to where these 2 types mentioned go and if I was to get a T45 would that be a bad thing as they are still going through trials or would I still get to see some of the world?
Any relevant comments appreciated.
Daring has a few trips lined up, but still spends alot of her time on trials. As for other T45's don't expect any good stops for a little bit.
If your looking to get a good deployment I would recommend you put down anything other than a T45 right now.
Not that it makes a differnce, I remember my drafts, not one of us in my course got the ships we asked for, so I wouldn't worry about it too much.


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Without going into specifics, both Daring and Dauntless have some really good trips lined up for the next year or so, although your chances of getting onto either of those two are now fairly limited, Diamond/Dragon are more likely prospects if you opt for (and if you get) T45.

T23 wise, you could end up anywhere, though the gulf is always a good bet!
When we left collingwood my course got what they asked for in terms base port and type of ship. I guess theres less ships and less types than there once was. So unless you ask for diago garcia theres good chnce you will get broadly what you want. I asked for pompey 23 and got a pompey 23.
What in your opinions would be a better choice for a newly bred stoker wanting to see the world and get his task book done and why? 23 or 45?
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