T45 Sampson on a hill in Pompey??

Discussion in 'The Fleet' started by aljh, Dec 6, 2008.

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  1. Lads and lasses,

    I was on a train on the way to Pompey today, looked out to the North and saw what looked very much like the radar set up for T45. However, it wasn't in the water, it was on top of a hill.
    Anyone any ideas?
  2. Where I am I cant see the hill in Pompey, but if I may suggest it may be the T45 radar training centre? At least thats what it says in this magazine I am reading "Warship" :w00t:
  3. Portsdown Hill. Defence Science and Technology Laboratory facility.
  4. It's been there for ages ! - some of the locals don't like it to much, spoils the skyline.
  5. Hate to be a smart @rse... actually I like it, I get paid for it. Anyway, Dstl are in Portsdown West further along the hill (past Fort Nelson). The Type 45-a-like building is the Maritime Integration and Support Centre (MISC), which is owned and run by BAE SYSTEMS; the site is QinetiQ's Land Based Test Site, and they operate the other radars and kit there.

    Until last year, the tactical development and operational analysis element of the Maritime Warfare Centre were in the building next door to that lot (it looks like a row of chalets, but they're linked along the north end), but we've since moved to Collingwood - so if you call me at work you no longer hear the 1022 zapping me every 7.5 seconds ;)
  6. Did it really require 'scientists' to reach the conclusions in the News Releases about 'happy feet' dated 21st Dec 2007?

    We used to call it CDF
  7. Thanks guys. I feel enlightened.
  8. Am i wrong in thinking that there is also a mock up of the type 42 radar systems there as well.......or was i drunk!
  9. Is there a mock up in Cumbria, around one of the gunnery ranges?
    I have been on the train to Barrow & passed something that also looked like a 45 radar.
  10. Used to be known as Land Based Test Site and has test and integration facilities for each of the major surface combat systems. The T45 is the first one that's been put in a superstructure.
  11. Looks impressive but anything produced by BAE/QuinetiQ either doesn't do what it says on the tin or takes so long to be operational its out of date when the snags have finally been sorted.
    Or is it just me being cynical ?????
  12. Most technology is out of date when it leaves the shelf so nothing new there anyways

  13. It's better than anything else out there.
  14. Yep, your right...

    There's also a Sea Wolf tracker there too, along with one in Eastney if im correct. You can see it as you go past the site. The Sampson mockup is used to test the system as its cheaper to do it on land.

    So whats happening to the "MWC challet" buildings now they've moved to Collingwood?
  16. As I recall from my days on T45 Project, there are 3 Sampsons on land, one at Cowes IOW, one at the range in Cumbria and as you know, the one at MISC in Portsdown. It is a very scary radar, be afraid, we are still world leaders. The ships (T45s) are huge. If you are near Glasgow, when the missus drags you off to M&S at Braehead, there are a couple stuck to the wall about 100m away! Ugly but incredible ships. Pity about the Frog VLS system, but I suppose one can't have everything!
  17. Ah yes, the stumpy Phroogie SYLVER VLS that can't take Tomahawks or SM3 ABM's.

    Defence Select Committee: Don't buy SYLVER, Mk41 VLS is cheaper and more flexible

    Retards at Whitehall: But we agreed to buy it as part of the HORIZON project.

    Defence Select Committee: We're not part of HORIZON no more.

    Retards at Whitehall: Well we should still buy it so we can be good Europeans.
  18. Indeed there is one at Eskmeals Gun Range. The one on Portsdown Hill has been attracting some unwanted visitors recently in the form of UFOs. And yes Sampson looks pretty mean!

    On a different note; why has SWMLU got a tracker at Portsdown and Fraser? I believe Bushy Hill does this too?
  19. The Portsdown tracker is part of the Land Based Test Site and is for in-service development (or workup to it) - it's basically Government Furnished Equipment to the QinetiQ Combat System Engineers there.

    The Fraser tracker is owned and run by Insyte for *their* development and proving - it's still company-owned but lets them validate their simulations against some real-world conditions.

    (There's also one at Collingwood, which is surprisingly enough for training the maintainers.)

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