Another question that came up during AIB revision, why does the Type 45 appear to lack a CIWS such as Phalanx or Goalkeeper whereas Type 42s and both classes of Frigate have them.

Is it because of a further capability that Sea Viper has or for some other reason?

edited because it looked like I typed it with my toes


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There's not enough money to buy new so they are waiting for some of the older ships to pay off so that their gear can be transferred over
I have also heard the t45's will be getting Phalanx and they are to be positioned midships (just aft of the funnel on Port and Stbd sides), suppose only time will tell when they actually get it though.


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Material I have read confidently states that T45 HAS R2D2 already, thanks for clearing it up, wondered why it was non-existent in photos...

Oh and did lonestar make an error? A first!!

I think ourselves lucky we aren't joining the USN, I could no way keep up to date with the number of types/classes and names of ship they have!!

Lucky B******s!

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