T22B3 off for scrap

Discussion in 'The Fleet' started by Not_a_boffin, Jul 26, 2013.

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  1. No mention of any serious efforts to sell them as very capable warships to a friendly Nation. Are the people in the DSA only interested (capable?) in selling clothing, vehicles and scrap these days? The word "recycled" seems quite popular;
    Does that mean that needed Current/Obsolescent Stores are leaving with each ship to the Breakers? Is the deal that they will be returned to the MoD free of charge or will we have to buy the buggers back? That's assuming, of course, that the Breaker won't be able to sell them directly to other T22 users, for the T22 unique stores..
  2. Purple_twiglet

    Purple_twiglet War Hero Moderator

    POL - a very large amount of effort went into trying to sell them overseas, but frankly very few nations were interested in four elderly frigates where they would be pretty much sole users of the Seawolf system. The ships were too large for some navies, and too old for others who wanted younger vessels that werent as hard worked.

    I know some nations took a look, but none decided to jump for very understandable reasons. Just because a ship was good in RN service does not automatically make it good for another nation to want to use. The 22B3s were hugely coveted internationally about 10-15 years ago, and I know the RN had a lot of interest in them then. These days they are very much 'old school' and the support needed to keep them going is probably beyond many smaller nations. Those that could had the budget to buy new builds.
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  3. POL - I think it means that the GWS60, Mk8 Mod1, on-module Spey bits and other "transferable" stuff will be removed before they leave Pompey during their declass period alongside.

    Suspect a major issue for onward sale is indeed support of GWS25 and also the Tynes. Rollys must be making a fortune from Chile, Brazil & Pakistan supporting theirs..
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  4. No doubt to reappear as Ford Transit vans ... sigh
  5. They were all declassified and destored in 2011. Speys were in short supply back then (probably still are now) and were among the first bits to go. We were told to leave metal onboard as it would stay with the ship for scrap, but nothing of use was left. My signature is on the chit that signed CAMPBELTOWN over to the disposal organisation.
  6. This has turned to a right ball of chalk I will start again
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  7. I don't think the Mk8 was fitted to skimmers

    Ooh maybe it was[​IMG]
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  8. TS,

    Certain RR Posts (not many) deserve a 'Double Like'.

    Yours was definitely one of 'em - BZ
  9. Purple_twiglet

    Purple_twiglet War Hero Moderator

  10. Can still remember the farewell visit she made to Liverpool. One of the best days out I've had in recent years.
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  11. PT - Very good blog article - I could pick a few holes but you are essentially correct and I have no inclination to nit pick.

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