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I think it would be an excellent idea to donate a percentage of the profits to Help for Heroes/Holidays for Heroes, but Im sure you have allready considerd that idea.
Not a dig at all, just a suggestion. I know RR's doing thier bit. As for volunteering I am getting deployed soon, so cant help. Sorry.
Damn. Thought I might be able to pressure you in to it! Worth a try. I don't actually expect to make a profit - you just can't given the quantities we could sell on here, but no-one would mind an extra quid on top for charity I'm sure.
Count me in for a polo shirt, but there again i am pissed after watching the mighty everton lose the FA Cup!!!

Just had to pay £10 to CLIC from an FA Cup bet with a work mate, but he had to pay £10 to H4H as they never beat us by 4 goals.


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witsend said:
Question is, who's the dissenter? Sherlock pepper the floors yours!
Negat, Seacat - not this callsign! But seeing as we're here to defend democracy (but not practise it), anyone is permitted to vote in the poll as they see fit... :wink:


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You can just see it in 5 years, ITN special in Africa, and some bloke walks past the camera with your t-shirt. Now thats advertising!!!!!


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WreckerL said:
sgtpepperband said:
WreckerL said:
sgtpepperband said:
WreckerL said:
We know that. But that wasn't the question... 8O :D

(Me too, Boss...) :thumbleft:
Cheeky, fair shout, I could have phrased that better, I'll have Thingy on my back next (not literally I hope 8O )
Typical bloody crabmariners - all smut! :oops: :lol:
You missed out extra pay and NO CRUSHERS :D
Hmm, maybe one day soon you'll lose one but gain the other... (remember where you heard it first!) 8O :wink:
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