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T-shirt epic fail!!


War Hero
Saucy little minx..........

And why does he look so smug.........?


War Hero
Book Reviewer
That's not a fail.

I'd have been in like Flynn regardless, the filthy dirter.


War Hero
Book Reviewer
And I reckon I'd have tried it on with the woman :wink:

p.s. - are we having the annual awards this year?


Awards? I suppose so. They kind of fell off the radar last year. What is the general consensus?


War Hero

Awards? I suppose so. They kind of fell off the radar last year. What is the general consensus?

Just a small technical point to our green chum - surely they were thrown off the (rotating) radar, unless of course the radar was stationary, or parked as we used to say.

I'll make sure the door doesn't catch me as I leave.........


War Hero
Book Reviewer
That looks like a mess, anyone recognise it? Can't be RN cos I've never seen a jenny look like that.
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