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Do any of you older seadogs remember T.S Arethusa at Upnor Kent. :?:
I know several who do including one old enough to have been evacuated with his fellow underprivileged Arethusa boys to the Tides Reach Hotel in Salcombe during the war. Others were schooled on board her at Upnor on the Medway as late as the 1970s. All those I know subsequently joined the RN as boys or juniors and were presented with their Arethusa sword on being promoted from the lower deck. Apparently, Arethusa (aka the four-masted barque PEKING), is now languishing in New York harbour (Wiki link).


PEKING in New York harbour[/align]
Thanks NG I was ondoard in the early 1960's.Most of the boys joined the RN or RFA some the Merchant Navy or other after they left the ship.Its a shame that there was nothing to take it's place in the 1970's for today's up and coming seafarers.
Do any of you older seadogs remember T.S Arethusa at Upnor Kent. :?:
When I was at Ganges in 73 there was a lad from Arethusa in my recruitment as I recall it was a refuge for boys who's seagoing fathers could not look after them.
Shaun B was 6ft tall at 15 years and was truly hard as nails nobody fcuked with that lad not even to Gorbals jocks- sometimes wonder what happened to him he'd steal the cheese from behind your foreskin given the opportunity
T.S. Arethusa:
Yes, I was on it 1954 - 5. It was originally called Peking then renamed Arethusa and when taken to USA renamed Peking. My ships book No. 212. Went into the Andrew at HMS St. Vincent at age 15 - came out 1963 as Killick elec.
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