Discussion in 'The Gash Barge' started by thingy, Jul 17, 2008.

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  1. T.R.O.G.S..... There, I've said it! :whew:
  2. What is a TROG?

    1. The highest form of human life on the planet Earth (The second highest is the Submariner).

    2. Hewn from solid granite.

    3. Moulded into the perfect matelot.

    4. Well trained (or else!).

    5. Highly dependible.

    6. Self Reliant.

    7. Able to take (and give) orders.

    8. Able to think broadly and independently.

    9. Wicked sense of humour.

    10. Loved by mothers, respected by fathers, revered by siblings.

    11. Looked upon with awe by other matelots.

    12. Great comrades.

    13. Spent their formative years at the G-Spot.

    14. Worshipped by the sensible, not so sensible and the mentally deranged :oops:
  3. silverfox

    silverfox War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    pass me a bucket, I'm going to throw up - you sycophant
  4. Sounds serious! ;) Hope it's not infectious! :lol:
  5. Ah, that's what MONG means. I've often wondered.

    Achnacarry looks very scenic. Surely bad things couldn't have happened there??!! After all, booty training could never have been as GRIM as the G Spot o_O
  6. It's all relative. If you're breaking the ice on Peter's Pool on the Endurance Course in mid January I'm sure you'ld feel as sh!ote as some young thruster going up to the button on the Mast.
  7. What does Raliegh stand for then?
  8. Really
    Instructors are

    :thumright: Slow day.
  9. As I'm terrified of heights, I'd prefer to swim in an ice covered pool than go beyond the first five rungs of any mast or wall bars for that matter :oops:

    What dies EXCELLENT stand for then? ;)

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