T-Mobile try to pursue sailor for £250-phone bill, but eventually back down

Discussion in 'The Quarterdeck' started by plymwebed, Apr 20, 2011.

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  1. A mobile phone company has sent bailiffs to recover £250 from an Able Seaman after she returned from Libya because they refused to believe she was in the Royal Navy and suspend her account during deployment.

  2. Who gives a shite if you run up a bill you pay it, simple.
  3. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    It is indeed a great shame that a letter was not sent to suspend the account from the outset - possibly this would have avoided all the stress involved in highlighting the issue in the local press & indeed racking-up further mobile call charges ringing UK from Libya.

    I always found that switching the phone off & not using it abroad saves being ripped-off.
  4. They won't suspend your contract, I've tried countless times. They will however downgrade it to the cheapest monthly rental and then you just turn the thing off. You're pretty much paying for the handset on a month to month basis so they're not going to give you it for free.

    Verdict: her fault.

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  5. She wouldn't have run up the bill in the first place if T-Mobile had done their job properly - a bunch of useless pen-pushers by the sound of it.
  6. Erm, Monty, I don't have an account with T-Mobile and am now ex-mob anyway so any special arrangement for the military wouldn't apply but I fail to see how it was her fault.

    I don't see how much more she could have done in light of the advice she was reportedly given by T-Mobile and the subsequent failure by them to "believe" a pay slip, copy ID and even a photo of her in rig as proof of her employment in the RN
  7. Most pay monthly contracts with mobile phone include an element to pay for the suppossedly free phone they give you at the start of the contract. You are tied into a 24 or 36 month contract whether you use the phone or not, these phones are not free but the price of them is icluded in the contract. It is not fair to expect the phone company to either cancell or suspend the contract. if you believe that you may be sent to the nasty place and will be unable to use your phone then perhaps a PAYG mobile is the answer.
  8. Vodaphone do a rolling contract whereby you only need give 1 months notice to quit. For this you get loads of goodies, no free phone, but a really cheap quite high spec every year. If you want the free phone element of the contract I have, then it's a tied 12 monther I believe.
    I much prefer the £10.00 freedom pack deal or the £20 when I was working. You get shit loads of minutes and infinite texts, enabling me to chav talk at will. I annoy all my mates who still work with stupid questions such as "do you want a piss" when they have been on nights.
    They have been known to call back at 3.30 am and tell me no.:-D
  9. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    When you sign a mobile contract, car rental or house lease you sign to say you understand you will be paying £X per month for however many months it is, for as long as you are in possession of thing you are renting even if you are not using it - you don't just stop paying because you are out of the country.

    I'm no fan of mobile phone companies however one does wonder, in light of "Mr Bean & his bloody iPod", why this individual is permitted to talk to the press with another galling non-story.
  10. witsend

    witsend War Hero Book Reviewer

    That picture is ace, did she get some salt in her eye?

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  11. Sorry, have I missed the point?

    I presumed from the newspaper report that the armed forces were able to take advantage of a special deal not available to non-mil types so that if they got deployed somewhere hot and sandy or wet and featureless in pursuance of Government policy they could "suspend" their phone usage and not be charged for it.

    If that is not the case then it is clearly a case of caveat emptor. On the other hand, if that is the case then she was badly treated and deserves our support (IMHO). The fact that the paper picked up on the story (possibly due to a relative having a whinge on her behalf) and she was then interviewed and the whole sorry tale emerged is hardly her fault (unless subsequent facts suggest differently)

    BTW - does anyone know if there actually IS a special deal for the armed forces with regard to mobile phone contracts generally (or specifically in the case of T-Mobile) or is this just a case of disinformation?
  12. And what has she done to be dubbed ''Hero''
  13. I beg to differ, Vodafone have done just for someone I know well.
  15. I hate to be hard hearted, but it sounds like this young ladies poor admin, in not suspending her contract in time, is the root cause of this issue. The fact that she has used the phone whilst away must have alerted her to the fact that her account had not been suspended.
    Remember that the Libyan evac op was at the tail end of the sausages deployment. What excuse would she have used to garner sympathy if it had not taken place.

    Whenever my personal admin vortex results in this kind of Snafu i tend to keep shtum about, not go bleating to the Oggy wrapper.
  16. This is either all bullshit or there is something wrong with the article which the Herald should know.

    Only courts can send bailiffs, so this will just have been someone with no power of collection for anything sent on the hope of frightening and harrassing into coughing up.

    If this was indeed bailiffs, then it will have been to court and she will have had a county court judgement awarded against her. She will then have had another 28 days in which to either ask for a set aside or pay. So if it was bailiffs, then she will have refused to pay a ccj and gets all she deserves.
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  17. Or heroine even...... a close up, sharp focus shot like that has to be stage managed. I wonder how many 'takes' they had.
  18. Levers_Aligned

    Levers_Aligned War Hero Moderator

    It is a crock of shit. Dry your eyes, luvvy. Pay up, stop blubbling and learn. As said, the ship had been deployed - i.e. active beforehand in the Med so I kinda think she'd have a handle on if her account was active, by way of her billing. To whine that it's unfair after racking up 250 sheets of charges whilst using the phone and then going to the Guzz Rag with some sort of 'war hero done wrong' mentality just deflates the case for her.

    Life's like that, sweetie. Just think, you've got a mortgage and kids to administer one day.

  19. Looking at the phot of her...and she's only 23 !!!! feck she must have kept the middle watch with no make and mend since she was about 12.
  20. ...I take back what I said, NOW we know why she was dubbed ''Hero''

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