T boat. SSN or SSGN

Discussion in 'Submariners' started by Chaz, Jan 30, 2008.

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  1. Just out of curiosity when will the 'T' boats become known as SSGN's and not SSN's as they seem to be referred to at the moment?

    SSGN: Submersible, Ship, Guided, Nuclear (nuclear powered cruise missile submarine)

    Just wondering thats all.
  2. er.......don't know.....sorry. :whew:
  3. Always thought SSGN was just the americans way of making it sound more impressive...
  4. Hopefully, NEVER!!
    geoff(ers) :nemo:
  5. Turbs was known, loosely, as a SSGN from build. I think we had it on the T shirts
  6. Contributor Mode

    Now here we have a good old "A" Class Diesel/Electric SSG


    Now the SSG painted on the fin was rather a, in RN joke, as all pennant numbers had been removed from boats 6 years before. Also notice the paying off pennant. So Turbs and similar were late comers to the party.

    Pic. from "HM Submarines in Camera"

  7. So that's a paying off pennant - I thought you had been going so fast your ensign had stretched.
  8. The SLAAM launcher,6 Blowpipe lunchers on a mast, was still in the stores in Barrow when Turbs was in build.
  9. Whoops theres me starting off without reading the dit underneath Sorry.
  10. I assume that was a tounge in-cheek joke. If not then do they not pay off ships anymore at the end of a Commission or is it that they no longer have Commissions to pay off from so never get to fly a paying off pennant with a balloon at the end?

  11. I can remember seeing a photo of the SLAM in the JR's NAFFI bar (name ?) in Dolphin in 1975. When asking the old and bold what it was and if it worked they usually just snorted and then laughed!
  12. Hmm SLAM. I'm sure someone at a desk thought it was a genius weeze for a boat to reveal itself with a big **** off sized mast and a 'woosh bang' just in case one of the helos didn't notice it.
  13. Rosario Club

  14. Yep that's the place...at the back of Electric Lemonade, right!
  15. Correcto Mundo

  16. When at sea we referred to ourselves as an SSGN but it was never discussed whether that was the official dit. If you're TLAM fitted the terminology would be correct. However since most of the ships drawings/ TAB's/SOP's still say SSN thats what most people still use..

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