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System Officer Interview Technical questions


Hi Guys,

Im over the moon, I recieved a phone call couple days ago from someone in the RFA in southamptom and they have asked me to come in for an interview on Wednesday. Im going for the Position of systems engineer officer, He told me that there is no AIB interview, just this one and if i pass this and the medical I'm in. Cannot wait,

I know exactly the type of questions they are going to ask and im prepared for them, the only thing I am worried about is that there is going to be a guy there asking technical questions based around engineering and I have no idea what level or what type of question he is going to ask. I have a HNC in electrical engineering but I dont know what to revise, we have covered alot of material. I dont what to study the harder stuff and then get confused on a simple querstion and visa versa.

Does anyone have any idea what type of electrical questions they might ask me so i can feel a little bit more prepared s i only have about 5 days?

Any info is greatly appreciated, Thank you


Unless the interview has changed massively in the last year or two you shouldn't have too much to worry about. It does depend a little who interviews you, but I suspect half the interview will be about you as a person and your knowledge of the RFA, motivations (why you want to be an SE, what you'll be doing etc), and the other half some technical questions.

SEs deal with such a wide range of equipment it's impossible to predict what you'll be asked, but they're not expecting a fully-formed RFA systems engineer at this point anyway. It's more about getting an overview of your basic experience and enthusiasm. Saying "I don't know" is better than trying to blag it!

It wouldn't hurt to have a look through your electrical machines material - things like AVRs, frequency convertors and motor starters - and HV (what it is, why it's used, safety precautions) and try and find out how a ship distribution system differs from a shorebased system. Look up earthing, continuity of supply and galvanic protection.

Good luck!


It'd be great if you could report back afterwards (particularly if the process has changed) to assist the next person searching.
Apologies for the late reply. I passed the interview, just waiting to hear back form my security check and get all my vaccines done :)

The interview was a bit nerve racking. I sailed through the RFA questions (History, operations, ships etc) but really struggled with the technical stuff. I was thinking far too much into it, the simple answer usually being the right one. I have no hands on experience and a HNC is a pretty shit qualification to be honest, doesnt prepare you for a job at all.
  • They asked about High Voltage ( what it is, why its used and what are the dangers)
  • Fault finding (gave examples like "You have been called into the engine room and a 3 phase motor is not working, what do you?)
  • How you use a multimeter to check continuity, windings etc
  • What the Role of a SE Officer is and what systems they are responsible for. I started listing all the systems they are responsible for when all the needed was the answer "everything Electrical"
Hope this helps someone!
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